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Historical Heritage of Rhodes

Road Trip Route. Visit medieval castles and ancient acropolis, Enjoy a beach rest, Follow the walking route through the Butterfly Valley, Taste the best seafood.

The island has a rich history and is full of legends and myths, a place where the sun shines for more than three hundred days a year, and the locals are always kind and welcoming - all this can be said of Rhodes, the largest island of the Dodecanese Archipelago. In antiquity, one of the seven wonders of the world - a giant statue of the Sun God Helios, adorned the port of Rhodes. In different historical periods, the island was influenced by the Roman Empire, Byzantium, the Knights Hospitallers and the Ottoman Empire. The current historical heritage of Rhodes is a mosaic of contributions of different cultures. The climate of Rhodes is very mild and warm, the beach season lasts from May to October, and you can visit the island to experience its history at any time of the year.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Mandraki Port

Your acquaintance with Rhodes will start with the Mandraki Port. The medieval fort of Saint Nicholas was perfectly kept up to now. The fort viewpoint offers a magnificent view of the sea and the city. You will see three windmills on the way to the fort. There used to be thirteen and they were utilized for the purposes intended. Now, they are a historical and architectural monument.

Tamam Restaurant

Turn your weekend in Rhodes into a true gastronomic journey. Start with a visit to one of the best island restaurants according to tourists. For seafood lovers, the restaurant offers the grilled octopus and shrimp. Those who prefer meat dishes should indulge in a beef tenderloin, and sweet tooth will enjoy delicious ice cream and traditional Greek pastries. It is a quite popular place, so in the evenings there may be a small queue at the entrance, however, everyone visited the restaurant claims that the excellent cuisine of the restaurant is worth waiting for.

Rhodes Windmills

On the shores of the Aegean Sea there are three stone giants, the windmills of Mandraki. In the Middle Ages they produced flour for all the inhabitants of the island. Today, the stone towers house a weather station, travel agencies and a museum where you can watch the process of turning grains into flour by the traditional medieval method.

Saint Nicholas Fortress

Fort of St. Nicholas served as the fortress, built by knights for protection of residents against attacks from the sea, and today it is a lighthouse which serves as a navigational aid for ships. The entrance is closed to public, but this place is worth a walk nearby. The fort looks especially picturesque after sunset, when the light comes up.

Day 2: The Old Town

Explore the history and cultural heritage of the island, visit the museum and Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes today. Go to the aquarium and see the inhabitants of the Mediterranean Sea in all its glory at the end of the day.

Gate St. Athanasius

You can devote the day to a beach rest and enjoy the warmth of the sun and the sound of waves, or dig through history of Rhodes. If you like the second option, start exploring the old city from the Gate of St Athanasios. Tradition says that they are associated with many of the most important points in the history of Rhodes. Through this gate, Sultan Suleiman entered the fortress, and then ordered to seal them, in the hope that this would help him to retain the claimed power.

Old Town Corner Bakery

Why is this small bakery so popular? People say the best orange pie in Rhodes is cooked here! Come and see for yourself.

Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights (Παλάτι Μεγάλου Μαγίστρου)

The Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes is the most famous landmark of the island and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The grand structure was built on the site of the ancient acropolis, so you can get acquainted with both elements of ancient art and the heritage of medieval knighthood.

Auvergne Cafe Bar Restaurant

Nothing better than enjoying traditional Greek cuisine and the atmosphere of the old city in the shadow of age-old plane trees.

Archeological museum

Feel the rich history of the island. The Archaeological Museum of Rhodes is located in the former building of the hospital of the Knights of St. John. Today the collections reflecting historical eras from the Neolithic to the early Middle Ages are exhibits in the museum. One of the most famous treasures of the museum is the skillfully made marble statue of Aphrodite of Rhodes.

Rhodes Aquarium

It's time to get acquainted with the inhabitants of the deep sea!

Nisos Restaurant

It is a good place for evening relaxation in special atmosphere. The restaurant’s menu is a mix of Mediterranean and European cuisine. The calling card is, of course, grilled seafood. Indulge in a baklava with scoops of ice cream for dessert.

Day 3: The urban landscape

Now our destination is the Acropolis, one of the main attractions of Rhodes. You will further have the opportunity to take a break from the old town, relax on the beach and enjoy the nature of the island. Go to the Rodini Park and to the pier in the evening, it offers an amazing view of the city.

Akti Miaouli Beach

The best way to start a productive and eventful day is to swim in the waves of the Aegean Sea.

Dali Extraordinary Art Bistro

Have a breakfast in a pleasant cafe with a large selection of delicious dishes and original interiors with hints of surrealism.

Acropolis of Rhodes

Going to explore the ancient acropolis of Rhodes, remember to take your hats and water, there are no shops near the landmark.


A cosy restaurant with authentic rustic interiors serves home-cooked Greek cuisine. The restaurant's menu is only in Greek, but the staff speak English and willingly help guests with a choice of dishes. A free portion of soup is included with any order.

Ixia Beach (Παραλία Ιξιάς)

Enjoy a relaxing holiday on the beach, before continuing to explore the beauties of Rhodes.

Rodini Park

The garden-oasis is located near the historic centre of the city. It is believed that Rodini Park is one of the oldest cultivated gardens. Many centuries ago, philosophers, rulers, and other important historical figures walked slowly along its paths. Today you can meet pheasants, peacocks and other representatives of the fauna here, who are friendly with humans and have no of tourists at all.

Rhodes Marina

The pier offers a beautiful view of the historical part of the city, its walls and ancient mills.


Benessere Deli Cafe is worth a visit for those who know a lot about good wines. And here you can not only try modern interpretations of Greek dishes, but also buy excellent gastronomic souvenirs: ham, wine, honey, traditional sweets and spices.

Day 4: Beaches and springs

It is time to walk the island, but first you should take a quick look at the museum of modern art in Greece. After visiting the museum, you will go to the seven springs, which are the means of purging sin according to legends, look at the ruins of the castle of the Knights of St. John, and also visit one of the old factories producing natural olive oil available for purchase.

Modern Greek Art Museum

Admiring the works of ancient masters, we should not forget about the modern creators. The museum of contemporary art contains works by Greek artists and sculptors from the beginning of the 20th century.

Finn Cafe

A classic breakfast in ancient Greece necessarily included barley bread with wine, olives and figs. And today, many locals prefer delicious pastries and a cup of coffee for breakfast. Finn Cafe serves delicious open-faced cakes, a variety of cakes and pastries, berry desserts, Greek yogurt with nuts and fruits and much more.

Traganou Cave

Enjoy a swim in the crystal clear sea water or get active in exploration of caves and grottoes.

Seven Springs Waterfall

A great place to hide from the hot sun and feel the nature. Seven springs with clean water shoot up from the ground here. Tourists from around the world are attracted to the underground tunnel. There is a belief that after passing through it, you can be cleansed of the seven sins and feel the burst of life energy.

Epta Piges

A large cafe with an open terrace awaits tourists at the end of the hiking trail. It offers a traditional Greek cuisine, good selection of grilled meat and fish, salads from fresh vegetables. Near the terrace, one can see the representatives of the local fauna: ducks, swans and peacocks. There is a menu in Russian and English. Despite the close proximity to the tourist attraction, the prices in the cafes are good.

Red Sand Beach (Παραλία Κόκκινη Άμμος)

A special combination of turquoise sea water and red-orange sand gives this beach a special beauty. And lovers of creativity will be pleased with the volumetric silhouettes of mythical heroes and magical creatures carved on limestone rock.

Archangelos Fort Castle

The majestic castle of the Knights of St. John was located here in the Middle Ages, and only ruins are the evidence of the knight great power of the past now.

Olive oil factory

Olive Oil Factory offers not only natural olive oil with fragrant spices, but also a huge selection of ecological cosmetics.

Mama's Pizza

The cafe might look plain and homey and not different original decor, but the taste and quality of the pizza here is just amazing!

Day 5: Back to the Middle Ages

Enjoy the historical part of Lindos, the Acropolis, in a visit of several castles scheduled for today. By the way, it is the second largest and most significant one in Greece.

Lindos Acropolis

Today’s Lindos is a small town in the South-East of Rhodes with a population of about 4,000 people. And in the days of Homer here was a thriving polis, a city-state, famous for its brave navigators. Ancient architecture fragments of the Temple of Athena and the amphitheater are perfectly kept up to now. Ancient buildings are adjacent to the walls, built in the Middle Ages.


Mythos restaurant is located in a very picturesque place. Its terrace offers a beautiful view of the ancient acropolis of Lindos, the sea and the city. The terrace is decorated with numerous sculptures and floral hedges, and the citrus trees are also grown here. The overall pleasant impression is supported by the friendly attitude of the staff and large portions of delicious dishes.

Kleine Kapelle

Another place to take great photos.

Beach of Lindos

The spacious sandy beach of Lindos stretches along the bay. There are all conditions for comfortable swimming - the bottom without corals and sharp stones, quite shallow and warm sea. The beach is equipped with showers, sun beds and umbrellas.

Castle of Monolithos

Start exploration of the west coast of the island with the Monolithos Castle. The majestic building, rising to 100 meters above sea level, protected the inhabitants of the island against invasions of foreigners. On the territory of the fortress is a chapel perfectly kept up to now.

Old Monolithos Taverna

Genuine, delicious, family-style. The hosts serve guests of the tavern themselves, they are always happy to offer their assistance in the choice of dishes.

Kritinia Castle

And the last castle for today. The Kritinia Castle combines elements of Byzantine and Venetian architecture. Like many castles of the island, it was built by the Knights of the Order of Saint John. Above the main gate of the castle you can find the family arms of the great masters, who ruled Rhodes in the Middle Ages.

Loukas Fish Taverna

An ideal place to watch the sunset on the beach and enjoy the delicious seafood.

Day 6: Ancient Greece

Today you are going to explore the acropolis of the ancient city of Kameiros and walk around the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, which is the Side city's most recognisable feature. If you have some extra time, stroll through the city or walk to the Temple of Artemis.

Porto Antico - Taverna Restaurant Kamiros

We continue to explore the historical treasures of Rhodes. But first, you need a hearty breakfast, and a nice beach restaurant Porto Antico is perfect for this.

Akropolis of Kamiros access road NW

The ancient acropolis on the northwestern coast of the Rhodes island has preserved the originality of Doric and Achaean civilizations. The ancient Camiros city was one of the richest settlements on the island. The city was built on three levels. Religious buildings, including the Temple of Athena built in the 8th century BC, occupied the upper one. The main urban settlement was located on the middle level, and the Temple of Apollo, surrounded by a marketplace, was built on the lower one. Camiros flourished up until the second century BC, then two large earthquakes caused great damage to the city, and the surviving inhabitants had to move to the new capital of the island, the city of Rhodes.

Dionysos Steki Restaurant

It's lunchtime! The restaurant serves classic Rhodes dishes - many variations of fish and seafood and oferrs fairly extensive selection of local wines. The restaurant has a small but very well-equipped beach and a spacious play area for children.

Temple of Apollo Eremithios

Only the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, god of the sun and patron of the muses and arts, is kept up to now.

Soroni Beach

There's been enough active recreation and exploration for one day, devote time to a relaxed rest by the sea.

Elena Restaurant

Elena restaurant offers a pleasant combination of perfectly cooked and served dishes, quick and friendly service and a pleasant atmosphere by the Aegean Sea.

Day 7: Flora and fauna

It's not with coffee that a day starts. Your morning will start with a visit to the museum of wine-making and tasting. To get some rest from ancient Rhodes, go to the Butterfly Valley and make contact with these wonderful creatures. Next, you will learn about the life of bees, see a few beehives and explore the history of beekeeping from ancient times.

Wine Museum CAIR

Start the day with something nice. For example, with an excursion to the museum of winemaking and a wine tasting.

Farma of Rhodes | Petting Zoo

A small zoo where you can pet the animals and feed them from your hands. Both the traditional inhabitants of the island and those who can not be found in the wild nature of Rhodes, for example, ostriches and kangaroos, live here.

ESTATE & RESTAURANT Anastasia Triantafillou

The restaurant is notable for being located near local vineyards. While taking a late breakfast you can watch the process of picking or processing grapes.

The Valley of the Butterflies

The Butterfly Valley of Rhodes is an incredibly beautiful footpath that stretches to the top of the hill along the gorge. This place is definitely worth a visit to enjoy the pristine beauty of the island’s nature. Small rivers and lakes create a pleasant, wet microclimate, and careful exploration of the reserve allows finding small waterfalls and meeting representatives of wildlife - crabs, small lizards, rare birds and, of course, butterflies.

Alexander Panorama Cafè

At the end of the walking trail, on top of the hill, is a pleasant outdoor café. Have a breakfast and enjoy the beautiful view of the treasures of nature.

Bee museum of Rhodes

We've been watching the butterflies, and let's watch the bees now. The museum has several hives with transparent walls where the honeycombs appear and the bee life is. The museum’s exposition also tells about the history of beekeeping, from primitiveness to the present day. In the same building is the largest honey store on the island, which sells many varieties of healthy and natural sweets.

Petaloudes beach

Enjoy the sound of waves on a spacious pebble beach, surrounded by white cliffs.

Magister Premium Burger and Barbecue Restaurant Rhodes

The restaurant is quite different from the cosy taverns with homemade food! Magister Premium Burger cuisine can be called a classic American one with hints of Greece. The main and most popular dishes of the restaurant are burgers and grilled meats, but pita with souvlaki is also served here.

Day 8: Farewell to the island

Last day in Rhodes. There are not many attractions to visit. A chapel and a private museum are planned for today. Do not forget about shopping, visit the local shopping center on your way.

The Cake Box

Relaxed atmosphere, pleasant music and, of course, delicious pastries and confectionery. Here you can try traditional lukumades and baklava and chocolate brownies, as well as cakes, pastries, you name it.

Μουσείο Σταματιάδη Ορυκτολογίας και Παλαιοντολογίας

The museum of mineralogy exhibits a large collection of minerals, precious and semiprecious stones, as well as ancient fossils with the imprints of creatures lived on the island longbefore the time of man.

Filerimos (Φιλέρημος)

At the foot of the highest point of the island, Filerimos Hill, is a small chapel built in the XV century. The place is best to start the climb to the mountain. For the tourists, there is a car parking near the chapel. The main attractions of the mountain are the Temple of the Filerim Mother of God, which has an interesting feature, it is divided into two halves, Orthodox and Catholic, and a 16-meter stone cross on the top of the mountain. The cross is hollow inside, with a narrow staircase leading to a viewpoint.

Filerimos Restaurant (Μεζεδοπωλείο Φιλέρημος)

Residents of Ialisos love this restaurant for following traditions of Greek cuisine, and tourists love the place for large portions of tasty food at reasonable prices. There is a menu in Russian. Next to the restaurant is a small souvenir shop, where, in addition to the usual memorable gifts, you can buy a unique remedy consisting of seven herbs. According to local tradition, the remedy recipe has been kept secret since the 15th century and is known only to selected monks.

Marco & George Fur Center

How about shopping? Marco and George Fur Center offers a large selection of fur outerwear from classic models to original modern ones.

Cultural and Geological Melathro Rhodes

Cultural and Geological Melathro is a private museum whose owner has creatively approached historical subjects. From the outside, the museum looks like an antique temple with painted sculptures and gilded capitals of columns. Inside the room is decorated with mosaics and frescoes with mythological scenes. The museum presents collections of exhibits on the historical and geological topics. The museum creator gives personal tours accompanied by interesting facts about each exhibit.

Antonio | pizza•pasta

The tourists say it is the best Italian restaurant on the island. The calling card of the restaurant is, undoubtedly, many types of pasta and pizza. Lvers of unusual flavor combinations can enjoy even a nutella pizza here.

Day 9: Way back home

You've got hours left for the flight, do not forget to buy souvenirs for friends and relatives, and if you have some extra time, take a walk near the hotel.

Elafos Ceramic Factory

You've got your flight, but don't have gifts for best friends? We have a great solution! Elafos Ceramic Factory souvenir shop offers a large selection of beautiful and unusual ceramic products. Here you can find small copies of ancient amphoras, and the vessels of Pythagoras, and elements of modern decor.

Dalton Café & Bar

Near the Diagoras Airport is a small restaurant with delicious food and reasonable prices.