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Gastronomy of Gravina

The municipality is part of the Slowfood network of cities. The certified products are Gravina PDO white food, Pallone di Gravina Slow Food presidium and 14 PAT products. Historiographical notes indicate Gravina as a city of wheat and wine ("Grana Dat et Vina": "offers wheat and wine") as written in the coat of arms of the city. In the manuscripts present at the Ettore Pomarici Santomasi foundation, the writer Domenico Nardone cited the countryside of Gravina as one of the most fertile lands in the province that offers all kinds of products; of the same opinion was the emperor Frederick II of Swabia, who described Gravina as a "garden of delights"

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Gravina in Puglia

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The agri-food of Gravina offers dishes that represent the uniqueness and authenticity of the culinary genre. Historical notes indicate Gravina as a city of wheat and wine (Grana Dat et Vina: offers wheat and wine) as written in the coat of arms of the city. The flora of Alta Murgia offers a wide range of native wild vegetables that characterize the cuisine of Gravina in its entirety.
Very famous is the cardoncello mushroom, typical of Murgia, which is used with pasta or as a side dish with meat or cooked in the oven or au gratin. Among the famous dairy products are the Pallone di Gravina and the Fallone di Gravina. From the vine is produced the local wine known as Verdeca. Other local culinary specialties are the Sasanello di Gravina, u' raccl and for meat lovers the Sausage Tip Knife. Calariello and Marro e rotolo are dishes of peasant origin prepared with lamb and vegetables.
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Trattoria Zia Rosa
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Trattoria Zia Rosa

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Immersed in the historic center of Gravina in Puglia the "trattoria di Zia Rosa between history and culture, you can taste and taste the typical scents of a distant past, revisited in a modern key by our chefs. Explosion of taste and tradition in a modern, cozy and elegant, to spend an evening or anniversary in total serenity. Our fresh and genuine products are controlled by the expert and wise hands of the owners who ask for the best, to offer it to customers. You will always be welcome and guests eager to embark on a gastronomic journey to discover new flavors. Here you can enjoy local dishes based on vegetables ,chicory or chard, or legumes (cicerchie) or with his majesty the Cardoncello Mushroom.

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