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Day 2363 km

Teddy riding and Guamka

Today you will be outdoors. Morning activities are waiting for you on the cocktails (it's better to have your own) with beautiful views of the Lago Nacchi Plateau, the ancient bridge and the unusual Guam Gorge with its secrets. You'll come back with lots of bright pictures and impressions after a frosty day in the mountains.

Day Itinerary

13.7 km20 min
Café on Yavorovaya Polyana
09:0015 min

Café on Yavorovaya Polyana

Open Details
There is a cafe on the territory of Yavorovaya Polyana, where you can not just drink tea, but also rent riding cakes.
0 m
Yavorova Polyana
09:151 h

Yavorova Polyana

Open Details
Yavorova Glade is located at an altitude of 1680 meters above sea level. It was named after a local rare plant - a white maple "Javora". It snows a lot here. Despite the fact that the snow is constantly being cleared, the roads can still be slippery. Keep this in mind.
There is a good hill, from which locals usually ride a snowcone. You can rent a snowcone from the cafe in the glade, but if you have your own snowcone, then take it with you. It will help to save time, bypassing the queue to rent a tubing.
Nearby is "Partizanskaya glade" - a beautiful lake with a view of the mountains, which you can walk to if you want (2 kilometers in the direction of Guzeripl).

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Dolmens, quarries and ammonites: adventures in the Adygean mountains
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Dolmens, quarries and ammonites: adventures in the Adygean mountains
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