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Dolmens, quarries and ammonites: adventures in the Adygean mountains

Road Trip Route. Mysteries of Dolmens in Southern Russia, Abandoned quarry stoves, Snowmobile riding, Guam Gorge adventure.

Your way is to the Republic of Adygea, where beautiful nature and ancient secrets are united like no other place in the world. You will have to get acquainted with the secrets of the Gusar Gorge, uncover the secrets of the Caucasian dolmens, see how the ancient people lived and examine the fossils of the prehistoric animals that inhabited our planet long before the modern man appeared. And as an entertainment you will be waited for by a ride on a tubing and a Russian bathhouse. The route is developed with the support of [Volkswagen Caddy](

Adventure, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Krasnodar

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Dolmens and quarries

A beautiful road to the Republic of Adygeya and revealing the secrets of Caucasian dolmens awaits you. In the morning, drop by the Maikop market to grab fresh food for an evening barbecue and set off on a journey to the mysteries! In addition to the dolmens today you will see the remains of ancient mollusks, abandoned quarries and recreated ancient man's parking lot.


Центральный Рынок

You'll have dinner at the resort, so stop at the market and pick up some groceries for the evening barbecue. Please note that bank cards are not accepted at the market, stock up on cash.

Ammonite Valley

The Valley of Ammonites is a collection of fossilized remains of ancient molluscs that lived on Earth from the Devonian to the Cretaceous periods. It's quite an unusual sight. In winter, the surface may be powdered with snow, but you can still enjoy spectacular views.


There are many dolmens in the Caucasus mountains and the origin of some of them remains a mystery even for scientists. It is up to you to touch this mystery and maybe you will even be able to solve it. There is also a museum "Garden of Stones" where you can see a variety of ammonite shells.

Restaurant at the Parfenov Estate Hotel.

One of the best restaurants in the region is located at Parfenov Manor. Fresh home cuisine made only from natural farm products awaits you.

Ancient Man's Parking Museum.

The museum tried to recreate the life of an ancient man - the ancestors of the southern tribes of Meotians, who once lived in these places. And it turned out perfectly. The museum is outdoors and open 24 hours.

Старые печи каменоломни

Once there was limestone mining here, now there are only abandoned quarries, but they look very spectacular.

Михайлово-Афонский монастырь

The Monastery of St. Michael the Athos is the largest Orthodox monastery in the Caucasus, nestled in a picturesque, verdant mountainous area. The monastery is closed from Monday to Wednesday. You must keep a social distance and wear masks on the territory.

Cordon Guzeripl

Guzerpil Reserve is the second largest reserve in Adygeya after Lago Naka. In winter the reserve is open until 5 pm, but you have to spend the night in the village of Guzeripil. More about the reserve on [site](


Don't waste much time on cordon and go straight to the dolmen. The dolmen, located on the territory of the reserve, was put here about 5000 years BC. Another mystery to be discovered. The standard time to visit a dolmen is 17.


Most cafes along the White River are located at hotel complexes. "Eden" is no exception. Here you can dine in the original interiors of the cafe, stylized as a cave, or cook your own barbecue on the barbecue grill. And afterwards you can take a steam and get a charge of vivacity in the sauna. To arrange dinner and sauna rental in advance, it's better to do it by phone +79184256419.

Day 2: Teddy riding and Guamka

Today you will be outdoors. Morning activities are waiting for you on the cocktails (it's better to have your own) with beautiful views of the Lago Nacchi Plateau, the ancient bridge and the unusual Guam Gorge with its secrets. You'll come back with lots of bright pictures and impressions after a frosty day in the mountains.

Café on Yavorovaya Polyana

There is a cafe on the territory of Yavorovaya Polyana, where you can not just drink tea, but also rent riding cakes.

Yavorova Polyana

Javora Glade is situated at an altitude of 1680 meters above sea level. It is named after a rare local plant - a white maple called Yavora. There is a lot of snowfall here and it is cleared, but the roads remain slippery. Keep this in mind. There is a good chute here that locals usually take for a ride on a snowcone. You can rent a snowcone from cafe in the glade, but if you have your own snowcone, then you should definitely take it with you. It will help to save time, bypassing the queue for tubing rent. Nearby there is "Partizanskaya glade" - a beautiful lake with a mountain view to which you can walk on foot if you wish (2 kilometres in the direction of Guzeriplia).

Мост через реку Дах

An excellent place for photographs is the ancient Dakhov Bridge, built in 1906.

Hotel Sibir

Very beautiful observation deck, with a view of the Lago-Naki plateau and the majestic Caucasus Mountains.

Café Big Bear

Have a bite to eat before you go to Guam Gorge. I suggest you do it quickly, as it's dark rather early in the winter.

Guam Gorge

It will take some time to explore the gorge and the surrounding area. There is a small map at the entrance that will show you the most interesting points. Make sure you wear warm waterproof clothes!

Dry Beam

There is another small gorge nearby - Sukhaya Balka. Some say that it is even more beautiful than Guam. It is up to you to find out. Take a flashlight with you in case you stay too long in the gorge and have to come back at dusk. In winter it can be quite slippery in the canyon, so be careful on your way down. In bad weather or when it's getting dark, it's better not to go down to the creek for safety reasons.

Marko House

Have dinner at a cozy pizzeria on the way. You'll take a different road back home so you can see the most beautiful local scenery from the car window.