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Route Overview
11 Attractions to Visit

Day 1

256 km1 km

Dolmens and quarries

A beautiful road to the Republic of Adygeya and revealing the secrets of Caucasian dolmens awaits you. In the morning, drop by the Maikop market to grab fresh food for an evening barbecue and set off on a journey to the mysteries! In addition to the dolmens today you will see the remains of ancient mollusks, abandoned quarries and recreated ancient man's parking lot.

Day Itinerary



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125.7 km2 h
Central market
09:0015 min

Central market

Grocery Store
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Dinner will be at the campground, so stop at the market and grab some groceries for the evening barbecue.
Note that bank cards are not accepted at the market, so stock up on cash.

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