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Delicious trip around the Leningrad region

Road Trip Route. Visit the cheese farm "The Village" and learn all about cheese and more., Walk around medieval Vyborg, Try the famous Vyborg pretzel, Dinner at a medieval tavern., Visit the ostrich farm and taste the ostrich meat., Taste dishes at a fish restaurant, Visit Kronstadt, Lunch on a medieval ship., Enjoy the finest Italian cuisine.

Following this route, you will make a three-day gastronomic journey through the Leningrad region. You will learn how cheese is made, take part in tasting, taste real farm products, ostrich meat and the famous Vyborg pretzel, taste medieval dishes, visit Italy in the center of St. Petersburg and enjoy masterpieces of Italian cuisine, and visit a large number of historical and architectural monuments. It will be interesting and very tasty! ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%. At the end of the route you will find a special offer for Mastercard holders!

Gastronomy. From: Saint Petersburg

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Cheeses, Vyborg pretzel, medieval tavern and streets of Vyborg

On the first day of the trip we will visit the cheese farm "Village", where we will see how the cheese is made, take part in tasting, visit the picturesque park Monrepo, try the Vyborg pretzel, have dinner in a medieval tavern and walk the streets of Vyborg.

Saint Petersburg

Ферма-сыроварня "Деревня"

The first point of the route will be a cheese farm. Here you will get acquainted with village life, learn how animals are kept. You will be able to taste at least 8 types of cheese and sausage products and learn how to cook mozzarella. Besides cheese and sausage products here you can buy natural dairy products: milk, ryazhenka, yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream. Phones for recording to the master class and tasting can be found at [site](

Ресторан "Дача"

Lunch will be held in a cozy restaurant, where you will feel a real country atmosphere and relax from the bustle of the city. The menu offers dishes of Russian, Caucasian and European cuisine.


After a long trip we'll have a rest in a coffee shop and try the symbol of medieval Vyborg - the famous Vyborg pretzel. Pretzel began to be baked by Franciscan monks, but the recipe was not disclosed to anyone. Pretzels were usually eaten after fasting, shared with the poor and sold to locals. Gradually, the pretzel began to gain popularity, and after the closure of the monastery, it continued to be made in Vyborg.

Monrepos (Монрепо)

We'll take a walk in the picturesque park of XVIII-XIX centuries. There are a lot of greenery, a pond and, of course, rocks on the territory. There are also many sights in the park: Ludwigstein Island, Wish Grotto, Neptune Temple and many more. You can see a detailed map of the park on [website](


We will go back to the Middle Ages, have dinner in the tavern and learn how the locals of that time fed. Here you can taste cheese bunjoli with lingonberry sauce, dried venison, soup served in bread, rolls, sausages and other delicacies. The dishes are prepared according to preserved ancient recipes!

Old Town (Старый город)

Before checking into the hotel we will take a walk through the Old Town and feel the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. We will see the oldest preserved dwelling house built around the XV century, Clock Tower, Town Hall, monument to Torgils Knutsson, who is the founder of Vyborg Castle.

Day 2: Sights of Vyborg, Taste Shop, Ostrich Farm, Russian Fishing Restaurant.

On the second day of the trip we will visit an unusual flat house, Vyborg Castle, visit a local delicatessen shop, visit an ostrich farm and have dinner in the restaurant "Russian Fishing", where we will taste fish and seafood dishes.

«Ведьмин дом»

The day begins with a visit to a mysterious house, also called the Witch's House. It was built in the late XIX century. It was called so because of optical deception, because if you look at it from a certain angle, the house will seem completely flat.

Vyborg Castle (Выборгский замок)

After the Witch's House we will visit the Vyborg Castle. It was built by Swedes in 1293. On the territory of the castle there is the Vyborg Local Lore Museum, where various household items of that time, photographs, military uniforms, weapons, various documents and instruments of torture and many other interesting objects are kept. There is also St. Olaf's Tower, the tallest building in Vyborg. You can climb the tower's observation deck, which offers a stunning view of the city, but first you have to overcome 239 steps. And at the very base of the tower there is a wine cellar. Warning! Monday is a day off.

Pantserlaks bastion (Бастион Панцерлакс)

To date, one bastion has been preserved in Vyborg. It was built in the XVI century, was part of the Rogata fortress and an important element of the defense.

Лавка вкусностей

Before we leave town, we'll stop at the local Taste Shop. Here you can buy Vyborg pretzel, gingerbread gingerbread, Vyborg ale, dried meat and much more!

Страусиная ферма «Австралийский хутор»

We're going to an ostrich farm. Here you can see live emu ostriches, get a lot of interesting information about ostriches and learn about how the idea to grow ostriches in this area. The farm produces ostrich meat and fat, chicken semi-finished products, eggs and other products. At the farm there is a cafe where you can taste dishes made of ostrich meat, chicken, dumplings, soups and other dishes. Before visiting the farm it is necessary to make an agreement with the owners.

Пляж «Берег вблизи Пенат»

Before dinner we'll visit the beach in Komarovo. We'll rest after the road, take a walk and get some fresh air.

Русская рыбалка

Dinner will take place in a restaurant on the Gulf of Finland. The interior is dominated by wood, which creates an atmosphere of home comfort and warmth in the restaurant. The menu offers a wide range of fish and seafood dishes. You can taste smoked, grilled, charcoal-baked fish, fish dumplings, pasta with seafood, salmon caviar and sterlets. There are also meat dishes: pork knuckle, lamb kebab, pork and chicken shish kebab and much more!

Day 3: A day in Kronstadt

The third day of the trip we will spend in the port city of Kronstadt, we will visit the main sights, learn the history of the city in the local history museum, see many ships and have lunch in a restaurant stylized as a medieval ship, and for dinner we will go to taste Italian cuisine in a restaurant in St. Petersburg.

Якорная площадь

The third day of the trip begins with a visit to the central square of Kronstadt. On the square there is a cast iron bridge, which is about 200 meters long. We see the sea cathedral, built in 1903-1913 in the Neobyzantine style. This is the largest sea cathedral built in the Russian Empire. There is also a bronze monument to Admiral S.O. Makarov on the square.

Петровский парк

After Anchor Square we will go for a walk to the park with cozy alleys. In the park there is an eight-meter monument to Peter I. And on the park embankment you can see an ancient cannon, anchors from the "Peterhof landing party" boats.

Музей истории Кронштадта

To get to know the city and its history, we will go to the local Museum of Regional History, which was opened in 1991. The museum has 2 permanent exhibitions: "Three Centuries of Kronstadt History" - the history of Kronstadt, information about the life of local people, the construction of buildings and ships, as well as models of boats, ships, and "Underwater Archaeology" - ship remains, household items, weapons of drowned sailors and much more. It's very interesting and informative! Attention! Autumn, winter and spring are Wednesdays off.

Деревянный маяк

We will visit one of the main attractions of the city - the lighthouse. It was built in 1752 and is still active today, so you can't get inside. However, it is possible to take beautiful pictures near it!

Подводная лодка

After the lighthouse we will visit another attraction of the city - the monument to the Baltic Sea Divers. The monument is a cabin of a real submarine. It was erected on May 9, 2000 in honor of the 55th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.


Lunch will be held in an unusual restaurant, stylized as a medieval ship. Here you can see the figures of pirates, masts, sails, and paintings in the maritime style. The menu offers a large number of exquisite dishes of Russian and European cuisine. Beautiful serving of dishes, polite waiters, pleasant friendly atmosphere will allow you to have a good rest and enjoy author's dishes!

Причал Кронштадт

After a hearty lunch, we'll visit the pier. We will take a walk, get some sea air, look at the ships and take pictures!

Форт «Великий Князь Константин»

Fort Constantine - a former major artillery fort, which has preserved barracks, batteries, rangefinder pavilion and other buildings and structures. From here you can see Kronstadt fortress of XVIII-XIX centuries.

Hamlet + Jacks

For dinner - dishes of one of the most famous chefs of St. Petersburg - Evgeny Vikentyev. The restaurant is located in the premises of the former jewelry workshop. Vintage windows, floor and other decorative elements give a special atmosphere. **Try original dishes and get a glass of wine or a cup of coffee as a compliment when paying with Mastercard premium card. To receive the privilege of ordering, please inform the waiter that you are a Mastercard Premium Card holder. [Full stock rules](**