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Baltic Sea coast palette

Road Trip Route. Cycling in the woods, Hiking on the Curonian Spit, Acquaintance with different historical places, Outdoor picnics.

This trip will be filled with a variety of activities, as well as bright impressions from visiting extraordinary places. You will learn how unique and unique the west of the country is with its natural reserves, picturesque coasts and colorful traditions. You will get to know the cities of Baltiysk and Svetlogorsk, walk along the Baltic Sea coast, see a unique German park with an exotic tulip tree, climb the heights of the dunes and appreciate the local cuisine in fishing villages. ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%.

Active Leisure. From: Kaliningrad

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: To the forest distance.

The first day of the trip will be dedicated to ruined castles and natural beauties of the Kaliningrad region. You will explore the castle of Valdau and Georgenburg, ride horses at sunset and in the evening arrive in the town of Gusev, which is close to the border with Lithuania, in one of the most saturated natural regions of the region. Bring comfortable shoes and a great mood!


Oboronitel'naya Kazarma "Kronprints"

Bastion is a monument of military engineering architecture. The crown prince cannot boast of a perfect condition inside, but the outside has preserved an amazing and vital atmosphere: trees, bushes and herbs rejoice in abundance. Take a little walk and breathe in the spirit of antiquity.

Castle "Waldau"

Many centuries ago, two Prussian princes began to build this castle. They received the land from the Teutonic Order for supporting the Teutonians during another rebellion. Initially it was a small fortress, similar to an inn. In the XVII century, the castle was even visited by Peter I. He spent here just one night, as there is a record in the archives of the castle. Today there is a memorial tablet on the castle about this event. On the road there is a memorial stone.

Cafe "Angel"

The atmosphere in this cafe is always cosy and homely. Be sure to try the borscht and charcoal dishes.

Zamok Georgenburg

The castle was repeatedly captured and sacked by Lithuanians and Mongol Tatars, who were hired by Poles to fight the knights. In the chronicles of Georgenburg you can read the sad story of the desecration of the estate by invaders led by the Polish Prince Gonszewski. He easily penetrated the manor, razed it to the ground and captivated 30 young men along with a huge number of domestic animals. It was perhaps the most dramatic event in the history of the Order of Georgenburg.

Horse Farm "Georgenburg"

The horse factory has still existed in the vicinity of the castle for centuries. It is a large modern complex with a museum, hotel, cafe. It still breeds breeding horses for sale, organizes equestrian competitions. We have the opportunity to ride and feed the horses. Please note that you can visit the equestrian complex from Tuesday to Sunday. Excursions must be agreed in advance, contact information can be found at [site](


It's time to relax a bit and try Russian cuisine. Here you can even order game dishes. Bon appetit!

Day 2: The beauty of the road and the ancient castle

The second day of the trip will be no less active. The plans include a visit to the museum, a picnic near the castle and fishing.


Before you hit the road, we advise you to stock up on groceries for a small picnic outdoors instead of eating in a restaurant.

Gusev Local History Museum. AM Ivanova

We start the day with a visit to the small but interesting Gusev museum, founded in 1991.

Svyato-Mikhaylovskaya Tserkov'

It is a former Protestant Reformed church, built in the late 19th century according to the design of the Königsberg architect Friedrich Adler in the New Romanesque style. Later the church was illuminated according to the Orthodox rite and named in honor of Archangel Michael.

Castle Insterburg

We suggest visiting one of the oldest castles in the Kaliningrad region. In this castle, knights and fought off their enemies, and lived as a brotherhood of men. The castle was originally built of wood, but such a castle was difficult to defend, so it was rebuilt. Now the castle has become a real cultural object: museum expositions, art galleries, craft workshops and art festivals are organized.

Fishing at Fish Dorf holiday base

Fishing, sauna, water park, zoo and much more offers this hospitable recreation center! Here you and your family will surely not get bored, you can find entertainment for every taste. The resort also has its own restaurant where you can enjoy freshly prepared catch. Please note: it is better to arrange a visit to the complex in advance, contact information can be found at [site](

Day 3: Adventures on the Curonian Spit

The journey continues and today you will see all the majesty and beauty of the Curonian Spit, its sand dunes and the world of flora. The Curonian Spit is truly the most aesthetic place on the Baltic coast. You can swim here in the high season, but walks along the coast are also a great success at different times of year. In addition, we plan to get acquainted with the miniature city of Zelenogradsky, as well as to spend the night in the amber-craft capital - Svetlogorsk.

Schaaken Castle

In the village of Nekrasovo there is a castle of the Order Shaaken, founded on the site of a Prussian fortress (Zoke, and later Shokin). The castle was originally intended for the defense of the coast of the Curonian Bay, on the ice of which Prussian Chalauen tribes, and later Lithuanians, often made their raids.


This small museum has a rich variety of figures, photographs and stories. Behind the yurt you will see aviaries with stunning live birds. The local owl flies freely, and also sits down and eats with its visitors. There is a mini-café with hot tea and coffee on site. You can visit the owls from Tuesday to Sunday.

Кафе "Уксус"

Nice and cosy modern European restaurant with its terrace and very tasty food. Visitors recommend the grilled fish dishes.

Temple of the Great Martyr Panteleimon

Peaceful holy place is located on the shore of the picturesque Curonian Spit. Capture the silence and tranquility of this wonderful place.

Royal Borough

This is the place where we can start our walk and go to the coast of the Curonian Spit. Incredible views of the Baltic Sea open from the shore.

Daddy Beppe

It had been a long drive. It's time to rest and finally have dinner. Look back at today's pictures and just smile. In this cozy restaurant, guests are recommended to try the meat dishes, they are cooked over an open fire.

Day 4: Motherland of amber

The last day of the trip will begin in the glorious city of Svetlogorsk with its amazing sights such as the picturesque promenade, water tower and even the Amber period park. The second half of the day is dedicated to the Amber homeland - the Amber village. It is the only place in the world where natural extraction of amber is carried out. Take a good mood with you... ...and on your way!

Peshekhodnyy Serpantin - Spusk K Moryu

Start this beautiful day with the famous Svetlogorsk promenade. An easy run or just a walk will recharge you for the whole day. Be sure to take a few photos as a memento.

Vodonapornaya Bashnya Raushena

It is a historical place and one of the symbols of the city, at which it is necessary to stop and take pictures!

Парк Янтарного Периода

This park is dedicated to the theme of the Amber Age, when dinosaurs still dominated. Here you will learn about the geography and ancestors of the flora and fauna of the Baltic coast.

Maket Srednevekovogo Konigsberga

This miniature layout in the park is worthy of your attention. Make a quick stop and see the city through Gulliver's eyes.

Dom Rybaka

A wonderful restaurant of fish cuisine. Here you can enjoy a gorgeous view and delicious gifts of the Baltic coast.

Yantarnyy Zamok, Muzeyno-Vystavochnyy Kompleks

Museum and exhibition complex "Amber Castle" is located in the village of Yantarny, Kaliningrad region, in the building of the former Palmniken castle. Its expositions are devoted to the history of East Prussia and Kaliningrad region.

Amber Beach Fest

The journey is nearing its end. We will stop at the amber beach for a walk and a coin toss. It's so beautiful and peaceful here. Why not go back?

Kumehnen Church

The kirkhah was built in the 14th century in the Gothic style. But in 1604 its vaults collapsed, later a flat wooden ceiling was built. In 1676 the church was decorated with a carved iconostasis by Pfeffer. These works are still preserved on the walls. Be sure to find them.

Radisson Blu

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