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Route Overview
9 Attractions to Visit

Day 4

80 km

Motherland of amber

The last day of the trip will begin in the glorious city of Svetlogorsk with its amazing sights such as the picturesque promenade, water tower and even the Amber period park. The second half of the day is dedicated to the Amber homeland - the Amber village. It is the only place in the world where natural extraction of amber is carried out. Take a good mood with you... ...and on your way!

Day Itinerary

4.1 km15 min
Peshekhodnyy Serpantin - Spusk K Moryu
09:1045 min

Peshekhodnyy Serpantin - Spusk K Moryu

Open Details
Start this beautiful day with the famous Svetlogorsk promenade. An easy run or just a walk will recharge you for the whole day. Be sure to take a few photos as a memento.
290 m5 min
Vodonapornaya Bashnya Raushena
10:0030 min

Vodonapornaya Bashnya Raushena

Open Details
It is a historical place and one of the symbols of the city, at which it is necessary to stop and take pictures!

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