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Route Overview
7 Attractions to Visit

Day 1

165 km

To the forest distance.

The first day of the trip will be dedicated to ruined castles and natural beauties of the Kaliningrad region. You will explore the castle of Valdau and Georgenburg, ride horses at sunset and in the evening arrive in the town of Gusev, which is close to the border with Lithuania, in one of the most saturated natural regions of the region. Bring comfortable shoes and a great mood!

Day Itinerary



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7.3 km20 min
Oboronitel'naya Kazarma "Kronprints"
09:2030 min

Oboronitel'naya Kazarma "Kronprints"

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Bastion is a monument of military engineering architecture.
The crown prince cannot boast of a perfect condition inside, but the outside has preserved an amazing and vital atmosphere: trees, bushes and herbs rejoice in abundance. Take a little walk and breathe in the spirit of antiquity.

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