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Day 3400 km

Oka reserve, mystical Old Ryazan and Bastanova mountain

The beginning of the third day we will spend in Oka reserve, where cranes, bison and black storks live. After that we will visit Old Ryazan - a ghost town on the high bank of the Oka, and the sunset will be met on Bastanova Hill, under which the remains of the ancient Russian town of Perevitsk are hidden. Get ready: there will be many, many beautiful landscapes!

Day Itinerary

77.8 km1 h 40 min
Брыкин Бор
10:002 h

Брыкин Бор

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In the morning we will visit the Oka State Reserve, one of the most picturesque parts of the Meshchera. Visitors have three options: - "- Standard excursion It includes three blocks: a general introduction to the reserve, visiting the cages with cranes and a visit to the bison nursery. I recommend to choose the excursion at 10.30 (next only at 12.30). The visit will take 1.5-2 hours and don't forget to look at a souvenir shop. - "- Specialized tours accompanied by scientific staff This option will cost 1500 rubles per group, but you need to record at least 2 weeks in advance. - Ecological horseback riding in the forest and meadow (routes from 5 to 15 km). I offer lunch in the neighboring village of Dobryanka. In the cafe "Brykin Bor" promise to feed boiled food, homemade cutlets and rouge pies. The drinks are aromatic herbal tea, cold kvass and homemade mors.
64.4 km1 h 10 min
Старая Рязань
13:1030 min

Старая Рязань

Historic Site
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The second point of today will become Old Ryazan - the only one of the capitals of ancient Russia, which turned into a "dead city". The city did not last long: after its ruin in 1237 by Batu Khan it could not be restored. Not much remains of the ancient capital: a huge hill with a flat top. Archaeological values have long been transferred to museums. And the half-destroyed red-brick arch is the remains of the church, which was built in the XX century in memory of the burnt ancient cathedrals.

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Ancient Kasimov: a fragment of the Golden Horde near Ryazan
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Ancient Kasimov: a fragment of the Golden Horde near Ryazan
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