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Day 1318 km

Racing tracks, wakeboard, plaster mountain and Esenin

This day will be filled with new impressions. We will shoot a crossbow, drive a buggy, master a wakeboard and conquer the mountains near Moscow. The Moscow region offers hundreds of options for active recreation - just have time to try it! We will meet sunset in the town where Sergey Esenin studied, and overnight in Kasimov.

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36.5 km1 h
АДМ Raceway Мячково
10:001 h 30 min

АДМ Raceway Мячково

Open Details
Just 16 kilometres from the Moscow Ring Road there is a great place where you can experience extreme sensations, shake things up and get a dose of adrenaline. This is ADM Raceway - a modern racing circuit with all the accompanying entertainment.
What you can do here:
  • Learn the basics of skid steering (or, in other words, drifting from the heart);
  • Buggy rides, racing cars and motorbikes;
  • fly light aircraft and helicopters;
  • try karting and much more.

Some activities are available without an appointment and others need to be arranged in advance. Be sure to check website and price list before your trip to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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Ancient Kasimov: a fragment of the Golden Horde near Ryazan
- / mo.
Ancient Kasimov: a fragment of the Golden Horde near Ryazan
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