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Route Overview
Day 2102 km

Dawn above the clouds, ghost aul and mountain terraces

Today will be the most intense and impressive day of the route. It will start early in the morning with sunrise above the clouds. It will continue through a picturesque gorge past man-made Chokh terraces and lead to the top of the mountain to the ghost village Gamsutl, where, catching rising streams, huge eagles soar into the sky.

Day Itinerary

29.9 km1 h 30 min
G. Mayak
06:301 h 30 min

G. Mayak

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Dawn above the clouds on Mount Mayak is a mesmerising spectacle. Mount Mayak is a sharp "edge" of the high Gunib plateau. Cliffs-teeth, clefts and mountains-mountains-mountains open up all around...
Only SUV will be able to drive up, contacts of drivers will be advised at hotel. Daybreak time is better to be checked on the spot.
12.7 km1 h
Torgovyy Dom Gunib
09:0015 min

Torgovyy Dom Gunib

Shopping Mall
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For lunch you can drop in familiar cafe in Gunib, but agree, to have a snack of local products surrounded by mountains sounds much more tempting. So, buy some picnic food and go ahead and take in the breathtaking scenery.

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Acquaintance with mountain Dagestan and its ancient auls
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Acquaintance with mountain Dagestan and its ancient auls
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