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Day 1198 km

Welcome to mountainous Dagestan

Today you have a long way to go, but as soon as the rocks thicken around you, fatigue will recede. A walk through the Karadakh gorge, a leisurely drive along the serpentine curves of the mountains, an ascent to the Gunib plateau. You hardly expected such landscapes, even if you have already seen photos of your friends returning from Dagestan.

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The journey begins! Bring your picnic food - lunch today will be outdoors.
At the beginning of the journey, the road goes through flat and completely ordinary terrain. Yes, it won't be easy to believe that you'll get to the most beautiful mountainous areas today.
91.7 km1 h 40 min
Irganayskaya Ges
10:5030 min

Irganayskaya Ges

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The view of the Irgunay hydropower plant and the scenery that opens up around it is your first stop. You can go up to the observation tower (free of charge) and maybe have a snack.
In general, you should not trust the navigator's calculations when planning a trip around Dagestan. Firstly, the roads are narrow here so it is not comfortable to drive fast. Secondly, they are very picturesque. Along Irganayskoye reservoir you will definitely want to stop a couple of times.

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Acquaintance with mountain Dagestan and its ancient auls
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Acquaintance with mountain Dagestan and its ancient auls
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