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5 Attractions to Visit

Day 3

164 km3 km

Aivazovsky view, waterfall without water and Caspian Sea

Today's sites are not the most famous, but for that reason they are no less pleasant to look at.
Firstly, it is a view of Gunib plateau which was painted by Aivazovsky. There is a very beautiful view of the village from above, as if lying in a rocky bowl.
Second is Salty Waterfall, which is not normally a waterfall. However, its gorge is so unusual that perhaps water will only make it difficult to move around.
Thirdly, by the end of the day you will come back to the Caspian Sea and this time you will definitely not deny yourself the pleasure of walking on the sand.

Day Itinerary

15.6 km40 min
View of Gunib Aivazovsky
08:4045 min

View of Gunib Aivazovsky

Scenic Lookout
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After breakfast, drive up the serpentine towards the village of Keger. At the very top of the serpentine there is an observation point. This is exactly the view Aivazovsky painted in his painting "Aul Gunib in Dagestan". The view is meditative, especially when the weather is good.
Advice: if you have a thermos flask with you, fill it with coffee while having breakfast. Then you will be able to admire the view, sitting on a bench and drinking coffee.
20.8 km40 min
Vodopad Malyy
10:405 min

Vodopad Malyy

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Go down the serpentine, drive through the gorge, and then it's time to drive up to Salty Falls again.
Park your car near the Little Falls. There are always plenty of cars in the parking lot, and there are signs.

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