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Day 1145 km887 m

Experience the Sounds of War and Honor the Heroes

There was heavy fighting in the area between Arnhem and Wageningen during the Second World War. The much-discussed failed Operation Market Garden costs thousands of lives in September 1944. Every year this is still remembered in the region. This route takes you to the famous 'bridge too far', a war cemetery, museums and more interesting WW2 sights in the Arnhem/Nijmegen region.

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Time to hit the road, bring some bread with cheese - like a real Dutchie would do - and jump on the gas. The first stop is about a 1.5 hour drive. You will drive to a city called Groesbeek. This is the place where the American 82nd Airborne Division, aka the All Americans, had to land with their parachutes in order to recapture higher grounds in the area, as well as the bridges over the rivers Maas, Waal and Rijn. You will see the bridge over the Rijn tomorrow. Unfortunately, this ambitious plan didn’t work out because of the German resistance and also because the ground troops had difficulties and errors were made in command. Today you will start with your tour around the area where so many brave men fought for freedom. To give you a headstart on all the background info of the places you are going to see, you will start at the museum of freedom.
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This museum has been totally remodelled and reopened just a few years ago. There is a permanent exhibition about the story of War and Peace, in the Netherlands and also across its borders. You will get information about WWII and other wars from different perspectives and see how it relates to modern times.
It’s a very interesting museum with lots of info, but also with points where you can grasp the feeling of being in the middle of a war. There is the use of sight, touch and sound to make it easier to imagine how it must be to be in the centre of a continuous battle.
Tickets cost € 15,00 for adults and €7 euro for kids above the age of 7. You can also purge a family ticket, which is cheaper: €34,50 for two adults with two kids. You can buy tickets at the desk. For more info check de website online

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