The estate of the merchant A.A. Khudyakov.

The estate of the merchant A.A. Khudyakov.

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Svetlana Navalikhina. Travel Expert.

Elegant facade, ceilings in the stucco, Dutch stoves with figured ceramics - all this in excellent condition preserved and restored in the former house of merchant Khudyakov. Here you will find household items of merchants and learn the peculiarities of bourgeoisie life. Be sure to take an excursion and order a master class on making Zhbannikov whistles in advance. The masters and curators of the museum - people who are deeply committed and involved - will give you a wonderful excursion. In summer, you can order a tea party in the cosy courtyard.


Address: 32 K. Marx Street.

Coordinates: 43.619321,56.487795