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Why Road.Travel?
Get Inspired and Book
Recommended travel itineraries created by a travel expert to follow on your next road trip. Places to visit, restaurants & cafés, hotels to stay at, and roads to drive – complemented by the author’s story. Explore scenic roads, visit historical sites, and admire unique locations. Live the experience even before going on the trip.
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When you’re ready to go on the trip, press “Start Driving”, scan the QR code if you are browsing on your desktop or open the route on your mobile device to start the step-by-step guidance. Choose the place you’d like to go to, then press “Send to Navigation” and select the preferred navigation app on your mobile device.
Transform Your Car
When we started Road.Travel, our mission was to make road trip planning as easy as downloading a movie. Now we are bringing the curated road trip experience into connected cars, transforming them into personal travel assistants with AI-powered voice guidance by Cerence Tour Guide. Learn more…