When food is the reason: a gastronomic tour of the Moscow Region and the Tver Region. – Day 2: Excursion to Afanasiy Brewery, Tver chorygory and rye pies

We'll spend the second day in Tver. We will visit a private brewery and look for traditional Tver cuisine in restaurants. Filling up your appetite in the streets of the city is a pleasure: it is incredibly beautiful and spacious!
When food is the reason: a gastronomic tour of the Moscow Region and the Tver Region.

Trip duration: 3 days

Marina Voronchikhina

Gazpromneft filling station #214

It's a great trip, isn't it? And to make it dynamic, come to the Gazpromneft filling station, take water and a snack.

Храм Михаила-Архангела в Микулино


On the way to Tver we will make a stop in Mikulino and take a look at the white Church of Michael the Archangel. The cathedral appeared on this place in 1382 as one of the first monuments of victory in the Battle of Kulikovo. The present temple was erected in the middle of the 16th century on the site of the previous building.

7 Пятниц (7 Пятниц - Фирменный ресторан на Пивоварне Афанасий)


The first thing we'll do in Tver is visit the private brewery Afanasiy. During the two-hour excursion you will learn how real live beer is brewed and visit production halls. After the excursion you will be invited to taste beer (5 sorts), kvass "Staromonastyrsky" and snacks produced here. Excursions are held daily, by appointment.

Набережная Степана Разина


After tasting, we go for a walk on Tver. Start walking along Stepan Razin embankment, then go to the other bank of the Volga river, to Afanasy Nikitin embankment (named after Tver merchant who opened the way to India). In the City Garden visit bronze Pushkin - the poet visited Tver 28 times, passing from St. Petersburg to Moscow. Alexander Sergeyevich was visiting the Italian Paolo Galliani for lunch, and his favorite dish was "with parmazan pasta". Yes, yes, by that time pasta with parmesan was already a well-known dish in Russian society, as well as many other dishes in Europe. Hotel Gagliani, where Pushkin stayed, no longer exists, but the building is still alive: now it is house number 34 on Volodarsky Street.

DA Design Apartment



We'll stop by the Governor's Restaurant for a late lunch. The choice of dishes here is excellent, but we are interested, first of all, in a traditional dish called choryg. It is a white fish baked in flour and milk and sprinkled with green onions. It is not surprising that it was a fish dish that made Tver famous - there are many rivers, lakes and reservoirs in this region. Ask for a toothpick - a thick rye cake on buttermilk and a simpleton.

Советская площадь


Restaurant and hotel "Governor" is located on Novotorzhskaya Street, which together with Sovetskaya and Volnogo Novgorod streets forms the "Versailles Trident". It is a building system borrowed from the French, which was used in Tver after the devastating fire of 1763. On the axis of the "trident" there are several areas with elegant buildings. First, we will turn to Three Saints Street (one of the oldest streets in Tver), then we will go around the whole trident and move towards the Eternal Flame. At the same time we'll admire the beautiful river Tmaka, which flows into the Volga.



It's time for dinner. We parked our car in the city center, so we take a taxi, shuttle No. 211 or bus No. 21 or 20 from Suvorovsky school to the stop "Lenin Square" to the restaurant "Moscow". Restaurant "Moskva" has been working for almost 20 years - during this time he learned how to surprise his guests. Try here the rye pie stuffed with Vesiegon pike and pike-perch (Vesiegonsk is a town in the Tver region, on the bank of the Rybinskoye reservoir). Or pikes - small fried pies with meat, a traditional treat in the Tver region. Drink a homemade morsel of wild cranberry with lingonberries.