When food is the reason: a gastronomic tour of the Moscow Region and the Tver Region. – Day 1: Family farms, Yakut delicacies, an evening in charming Volokolamsk.

This day we will spend in the fresh air - visit two family farms, learn about the secrets of cheese production, try bread by an old Russian recipe and Yakut delicacies. We will stay in Volokolamsk - a wonderful little town with an amazing history.
When food is the reason: a gastronomic tour of the Moscow Region and the Tver Region.

Trip duration: 3 days

Marina Voronchikhina

Hyundai Solaris


The first stop of our gastronomic journey will be the family farm Kornevs in Istra district. The family has been engaged in agriculture, breeding animals and birds for almost thirty years, and recently offers tours of the territory. On the farm you can feed goats and rabbits, go for a walk in the fresh air, try the old Russian recipe of bread - and all this for free. Another interesting option is a field safari, during which you learn the secrets of farm life. After the tour you will be invited to tea in a cozy lounge area. The cost of paid excursion - only 200 rubles. To get to the farm, you need to call the owners in advance (the day and on arrival).


Delis / Bodegas

Lunch offered in a charming cafe "Lukovka" in Volokolamsk. There is no doubt that the place has "its own face": bizarre lampshades, paintings on the walls, colored chairs. The restaurant specializes in pizza - the choice will pleasantly surprise you. You can choose between classic or real Roman pizza. We advise you to pay attention to unusual options - for example, with salmon and orange sauce, turkey and apples or pear and dor-blu cheese. Besides pizza, there's pasta, salads and desserts. Drink "occasional rosehip tea" or homemade compote.

Hotel Nicole

Иосифо-Волоцкий монастырь


In the afternoon we'll have a look at another farm held by Natalia and Vadim Krestiny. The farm is located near the Joseph-Volotsk Monastery, which itself deserves attention. On this farm you will be told and shown the process of production of elite varieties of cheese and, of course, give them a taste. The excursion must also be arranged in advance. A 15-minute drive from the farm, in the village of Novoe is the guest house "New Manor". The owners of the estate are from Yakutia, and they bring delicacies from their homeland. For example, here you can treat yourself to stroganin and mare's milk - sitting in yarang, hiding and painting from horsehair.


Modern European Restaurants

After a walk on the farms, we go back to Volokolamk. There's not much to do in the city in the evening, except for a little walk before dinner. Check out Zotto, the most prestigious and beautiful restaurant in town. On the agenda is Japanese cuisine with a pinch of Russian and European culinary traditions. Pay attention to beef stroganoffs on the brink: dull classics are always charming!