The shore of Lake Ladoga and the treasures of Karelia – Day 5: Natural Beauties of Karelia

Today you will visit the beautiful Karelian Zoo, Ruskeal Waterfalls, visit the underground lake and climb the Marble Mountain. And have dinner in a beautiful cafe against the background of pristine nature.
The shore of Lake Ladoga and the treasures of Karelia

Trip duration: 7 days

Оксана Ерохина


We are climbing north and want to have as many interesting places to visit as possible, so breakfast and lunch today will be outdoors. We'll stock up on fresh food for that. Why, I like it so beautiful format: I stopped in any picturesque place, spread a tablecloth and had breakfast. And I'll also open a little secret: we're going to the zoo, so we'll stock up on carrots in the store: very much respect her pets there.

Karel'skiy Zoopark

Wonderful Karelian Zoo is spread on the shore of Lake Janisjärvi. We picked up carrots in the shop not for nothing! Most animals here can be fed right from the hand. There are a lot of animals: bulls, rams, goats, badgers, all kinds of birds... Quite a few of them walk, shine... You can walk there at least all day. But we went for a walk, looked at it and moved on.

Водопады Рускеалы / Ruskeala Waterfalls (Рускеальские водопады)

Waterfalls, Nature Preserves

So we got to the delightful plain waterfalls. It's so beautiful! You have to see it! It's not just to see, it's to watch. The view of the flowing water is mesmerizing. There are special daredevils who overcome them on special boats. But this is not for us. We're better with a photo gun, from the shore. And the rest of the time we will admire, walk, wander and enjoy the beauty and clean air.

Underground lake (Подземное озеро)


Very close to the Ruskeal Falls is an amazing underground lake. It's like nature has laid out to us one after another, all its wonders in a row. I've never seen such a reservoir in the rocks, I must admit. Since there are lifeguards hanging around the perimeter, there must be some daredevils swimming in the underground lake. But we didn't take any chances.

Мраморная гора

Nature Preserves

From the underground lake we go straight to Marmara Mount! Look how beautiful it is! When we were on the south side of Lake Onega, experienced fishermen told us that the shores in the south are sandy and gentle, and in the north side - there are solid rocks! And now, having climbed north from Lake Onega, we see it every day.

Кафе-бистро «Точка на карте»


And so, after breathing the fresh air and looking at the natural beauty, we go for dinner. Pleasantly surprised by the modern café among the virgin nature. The menu is good, too. We had a pleasure to have dinner, enjoying the views, we were very pleased.