The shore of Lake Ladoga and the treasures of Karelia – Day 3: Charm of Kizhi Island

The main gem of this day will be a visit to Kizhi Island. And the framing will be a walk along the promenade, the park and treats of local cuisine.
The shore of Lake Ladoga and the treasures of Karelia

Trip duration: 7 days

Оксана Ерохина

Prichal Petrozavodska

So as not to leave the car in the berth parking lot, we went there on foot, good, it's not far. We're going to Kigi on a meteor.

Kizhi island (о. Кижи)


A long elongated island on Lake Onega, among natural beauties, is famous for its open-air museum-reserve. The emerald greenery of the island itself and the beautiful wooden temples erected without a single nail! The height of the Transfiguration Church is 37 meters. This is the most complex and largest wooden structure! There are not only churches, but also windmills, houses, chapels are so united with the landscape that one gets the impression that you are in the past. You can explore the island on foot or by bike, even on a horse in a bricycle. That's a beauty worth seeing. I recommend it.

Ресторан «Фрегат»

Seafood Restaurants

Once back from the island, we'll have lunch near the pier. Here you can book a table on the street with a great view of Lake Onega. That's what we did. I also wanted to contemplate the water-cloud idyll. And here, in such a relaxed state, we had lunch. It was delicious. The dishes are European. Time to move on.

Онежская набережная

Waterfronts, Pedestrian Plazas

Petrozavodsk has its own embankment. It is cozy, quiet, with a rotunda, with small moorings. Very unusual. We went for a walk and took a picture.

Парк 50-летия Пионерской организации


Not far from the embankment there is a park of the 50th anniversary of the Pioneer Organization. That's where we went for a walk. There is a picturesque pond, openwork bridge, sculptures. We recently renovated it.

Karelian Gornitsa (Карельская горница)

Scandinavian Restaurants

It's all on foot, it's not far from each other. After a walk in the park, we decided to have dinner. The cuisine here is Karelian, very unusual dishes and drinks. The city stands on the lake - delicious fish is provided for you. Service and preparation of dishes is on the top. I liked it.