The shore of Lake Ladoga and the treasures of Karelia – Day 2: Between two lakes

Today you will start your morning in the wonderful Svirskaya Victory Park, visit the monastery where St. Alexander Svirsky rests, drive along the most beautiful Onega Lake and by the evening you will be in Petrozavodsk.
The shore of Lake Ladoga and the treasures of Karelia

Trip duration: 7 days

Оксана Ерохина

Парк Свирской Победы


After a good rest, we're off on the road. Right in the morning, we arrived at Svirskaya Victory Park. This is a memorial park with a good local history museum, dugouts - everything as it was. The park was laid back in 1944 in the place where our troops forced the Svir River. And what freshness flows from the river! And a beautiful sandy beach.

Свято-Троицкий Александра Свирского мужской монастырь

Historic Sites

This monastery is set amidst amazingly beautiful nature: majestic fir trees, mighty trees, transparent streams and large lakes... The temples are very beautiful and majestic, white-stone, they seem to call upwards. The relics of St. Alexander Svirsky rest there as well. The monastery buildings are recognized as architectural masterpieces of the XVII century by art historians. The frescoes in the Trinity Cathedral are simply delightful. Bright, joyful! And the nature around it is some kind of joyful and blessed! The air is wonderful.

Ресторан Мандроги


We'll stop for lunch on the way from the monastery. Interesting interiors in old Russian style, the appropriate menu. Pies are especially famous - this is the zest of the local restaurant. The ceilings are painted with frescoes. The good lion looks right into our plates. Would you like a treat?

Юксовичи, Церковь св. Великомученника Георгия Победоносца


Further on, on the very bank of Lake Yukos, the Church of St. George the Victorious. It's ancient, wooden, which she's never seen before...



And we are all heading north and north, and for several hours now we have been driving along Onega Lake. What an indescribable natural beauty!!! It's not for nothing that we made a stop here. We've got wonderful photos. They say that there are very beautiful sunrises. We only made it to sunset. It's a very nice gentle bottom. But in the north, there are rocks! The fishermen boasted of the catch, and we have to move on.

The Кухня


And here we are in Petrozavodsk. We're stopping for dinner. An unusual interior of the cafe. It's playful. We liked the drinks very much: both coffee and tea were very pleased. We had a good dinner. It was delicious, simple and cozy.