The shore of Lake Ladoga and the treasures of Karelia – Day 1: Acquaintance with Ladoga antiquity

Today you will visit an amazing place - the Prophetic Oleg's mounds, wander in the Old Artistic fortress and see the museum of merchant life. And, of course, where without local cuisine - good and colorful.
The shore of Lake Ladoga and the treasures of Karelia

Trip duration: 7 days

Оксана Ерохина

Hyundai Solaris

Курганы Вещего Олега

Historic Sites

We pass through places with such antiquities that it's breathtaking! We stopped near the mound with the burial of the famous Prince Oleg! It was he who united the Novgorod and Kiev lands and created a state called Russia! We went for a walk, took pictures. Amazing!

Музей купеческого быта

History Museums

Not far from the Prophetic Oleg barrow, in Old Ladoga, we will visit the museum of merchant life. Interest in the old times, so on a full program. Interiors of the XIX century, a large table in the living room, a piano, sewing machine like our great-grandmother, bright drapes on the windows in the main room, a massive old buffet, carpets with oriental designs. Substantially. It must have given people weight in their own eyes.

Старая ладога

Buffets, Russian Restaurants

Well, now it's time for a little refreshment. Let's imagine ourselves as merchant offspring and have a nice lunch. A cafe to become a museum, the atmosphere of the house of a wealthy peasant of the XIX century, delicious and good dishes. Visitors were praising mead. But we drive.

База отдыха "Староладожская дача"

Old Ladoga castle (Староладожская крепость)


After a meal, we go to see the ancient fortress. The Old Ladoga Fortress was built according to all rules of fortification art - at the confluence of the Ladoga River in the Volkhovs at the turn of IX-X centuries. How could they have erected such powerful buildings then? Of course, over time, the fortress was rebuilt, but still surprising engineering art of the masters of the time. Now the fortress has been reconstructed and recreated in its most powerful form. And in the X century the fortress did not let the invaders from the Baltic to the Russian lands.

Knyaz' Ryurik

After a thorough wander around the fortress, we will go and have dinner. Home-style cuisine with ancient and traditional dishes. Delicious baked fish, boiled first courses, desserts from fruits. You won't stay hungry.