Visit the most famous forts. Meet the ghosts in the castle.. Take a walk through the Museum of Torture.. Find the abandoned kirchi..

The secret places of Koenigsberg

On this journey, you will touch the mystical side of Kaliningrad. Legend has it that beneath Koenigsberg there are huge dungeons, where ancient forts are connected to the command points of tunnels. They lead to the most important country sites. On the first day you will visit Fort 11 Dönhoff, Fort 3 King Friedrich Wilhelm I, and you will see with your own eyes the most powerful fortification in the city. The second day of the trip will be dedicated to the Nesselbeck Castle and the legendary Museum of Torture. On the way back you will see Fort No. 5 "King Friedrich Wilhelm III". ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%.

The secret places of Koenigsberg

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Day 1: History forever and ever.

Did you know that modern Kaliningrad used to be a defensive fortress surrounded by towers, defense forts and forts? The task of the fortification ring was not to miss the enemy from any side. In total, 15 forts were built, 12 of which were large and 3 auxiliary. They are also called the "Night Perina of Koenigsberg". Today you will learn what they look like and what secrets they keep in themselves.
Visiting: Kaliningrad, Orlovka, Medvedevka

Day 2: Opening the veil of secrets

The second day of the trip will also be devoted to the theme of dungeons and defense structures of the city. You will continue your journey to the North and visit Shaaken Castle, see another fort and find an abandoned kirch.
Visiting: Kaliningrad, Morshanskoye, Nekrasovo, Ushakovo, Pribrezhnoye, Khrabrovo