The Nature of the North of the United States – Day 7: A morning stroll along the coast

Today we will leave Portland and go home, and before that, to finish the journey on a good note, we will stop at the city park, located on the very oceanfront.
The Nature of the North of the United States

Trip duration: 7 days

Edward Harrington

Panera Bread

Bakeries, Sandwich Places

It was decided to start the last day of the trip nearby at the Panera Bread bakery. The menu offers a variety of desserts in abundance. A cup of strong coffee perfectly combines pumpkin baking with berry and chocolate cakes. You can even order oatmeal with orange slices or fresh berries.

Fort Williams Park


The final point of our route was Fort Williams Park. Here, during a walk in nature near the coast, you can see the city lighthouse. Besides, it is very nice to settle down on the grass near the shore and have a little picnic. There are also information boards with some interesting facts from the history of this place.