Caucasian reserve. Rosa Khutor Health Path. Lookout platform Rosa Peak. Khmellyovsky lakes. Complex "Rybino". Çvijepse Mineral Source. Dzykhryn gorge.

The natural charm of the Krasnodar Region

Krasnaya Polyana is a unique place in the Krasnodar region, whose nature we will get acquainted with on this trip. We will visit the Caucasian reserve, go on an exciting hike along the Rosa Khutor health trail, enjoy the beauty of the mountains from a height of 2320 m and have a picnic near the Khmelievsky lakes. And on the way back we will be able to fish and enjoy delicious fish, taste the healing water from the Chvijepse mineral spring and explore the trails of the Dzyhry gorge. The nature of these places will surely fascinate you!

The natural charm of the Krasnodar Region

2 days itinerary by Ann Mikhaylova - Uninhabited Nature - Car, 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Uninhabited Nature

Day 1: Natural attractions of Krasnaya Polyana

Today we will start our acquaintance with the nature of Krasnaya Polyana: we will visit the Caucasian reserve, take a walk along the Rosa Khutor health path and, of course, visit the main attraction of the city - Rosa Peak observation deck.
Visiting: Estosadok, Adler, Sochi

Day 2: Acquaintance with the natural surroundings of Adler

Today we will have a picnic on Khmelskie lakes, go fishing in the territory of the eco-settlement "Rybino", try healing water from the mineral spring Chvijepse, as well as visit the Dzykhry gorge.
Visiting: Estosadok, Sochi, Rosa Khutor Alpine Resort. Valley, Kazachiy Brod, Galitsino, Chvizhepse