The art of Kolomna, Ryazan and Tula is so different. – Day 5: Ferris wheel, planetarium and dinner at Nikola Lenivets.

Quiet rest in quiet Kaluga. Let's look at the city from the Ferris wheel, and in the planetarium on the stars, walk through quiet streets and look at the ancient architecture.
The art of Kolomna, Ryazan and Tula is so different.

Trip duration: 6 days

Ksenia Beskova



The planetarium isn't open on Monday. There are more than 25 interactive programs presented, so adults will also be interested. Fly into space from all the little problems of life.

Гостевой Дом

Гостиные ряды

Historic Sites

14 blocks of the living room yard. They say they've been renovated for 40 years. Now it's a spacious small town square with neat lanterns and benches. You can see the belfry of the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which had time to be a cinema long time ago.

Парк Культуры и Отдыха


The park can be accessed through a drive-through gate. On the way to the shore of Oki the restored fountain "Koketka with an umbrella". It's clear. Humble but active attractions, ice-cream tents, cherry trees alley and Ferris wheel.



City comfortable beach with cafes, umbrellas, sun beds on the shore of the Kaluga Sea. Swimming is not recommended, but it does not stop locals much. It was conceived as a reserve reservoir for water sports for the 1980 Olympics.

Black Bull


If you want meat in Kaluga, this is the place for you. For those who are not driving a rich wine list. It's an interesting interior.

Дом Мастеров

History Museums

Surrounded by Soviet five-storey buildings, there is a treasure of pseudo-Russian architecture. Now inside there is a museum of folk art. Farming of the Kaluga region in all its glory. Non-working days: Sunday, Monday.

Каменный мост


"Ancient Roman viaduct." The bridge was built in 1785. Russian classicism. Pride of Kaluga.

Кафе Гончаров


Cozy space with a summer veranda. The cafe is focused on healthy eating. Calm, pleasant evening outdoors.