The art of Kolomna, Ryazan and Tula is so different. – Day 3: Tourist Tula

I do not want to part with the Ryazan region, so in the morning we will wander along the lake shore with still wet high grass. Getting to Tula, we'll take a ride on the Ferris wheel in the park of culture and leisure, created on the site of the city dump thanks to scientist P. Belousov. And we will continue to slowly get to know this city.
The art of Kolomna, Ryazan and Tula is so different.

Trip duration: 6 days

Ksenia Beskova

озеро Высокое


Huge fields and a frozen lake. A lone bungee swinging. Sit on a bridge or lie on the grass, coming up with plans for the day.


Theme Parks

Mikhailov. There are class buildings built in 1912, ancient churches. The simplest outdoor advertising on the facades of two-storey collapsing buildings. Cobblestone bridge, leading to a village within the city limits. Children's amusement park just behind the back of a huge (citywide) monument to Lenin.

На Грядке

Caribbean Restaurants

Not many cafes meet on this stretch of our journey. It's simple and fast enough. Russian cuisine.

Apartment on Generala Margelova

Церковь Иоанно-Предтеченская


Let's look at the provincial baroque in Tula region. The Orthodox Church is in excellent condition. It hasn't been closed since 1773.

ЦПКиО им. Белоусова


A modern city park. Ferris wheel and carousels, book exchange and chess in the open air. Cycling paths and sculptures of characters from fairy tales. Pleasant space for an afternoon walk in the open air.


Scenic Lookouts

Panoramic platform on the river bank. Romantic, rarely empty place in the city. The open view justifies the crowds.

What Else?

Gastropubs, Bistros

A gastrobistro in downtown Tula. Free parking and unobtrusive live music. Laconic European interior. It feels easy here.

Три штыка

Sculpture Gardens

Memorial to the defenders of Tula. Victory Square. A good place for a short evening stroll after a good dinner.