The art of Kolomna, Ryazan and Tula is so different. – Day 2: Museum-Reserve of S. A. Esenin and Cultural Diversity of Ryazan Province

Konstantinovo village rises above the river Oka, beckoning with its expanses as lovers of S. Esenin's works, and simply wishing to spend the day in the fresh air, leaving behind the city bustle. It's a good start to the day. And the remaining time of this day we will study the tourist part of Ryazan. Perhaps even watch a movie in the open air.
The art of Kolomna, Ryazan and Tula is so different.

Trip duration: 6 days

Ksenia Beskova

Карьер №1


City beach. It's nice and deserted in the early morning. Loose benches under umbrellas, cafes not yet open. The calmness of the water.

Государственный музей-заповедник С. А. Есенина


Hills, fields, lonely and low spruces. Go to the peasant's hut of Sergey Esenin, where the interior of that time is carefully preserved. Photos of the writer's family, a samovar and a Russian stove. Come down to the pier, have a rest on the bank of the Oka, say hello to Ryazan province.

Baden baden


Pubs, Gastropubs

English pub in the center of Ryazan. Atmosphere of partying and youth. Young, sociable waiters. Big portions, be careful!

Мемориальный музей-усадьба академика И. П. Павлова


We will visit the pre-revolutionary wooden house in the center of the city, where I was born. P. Pavlov. Pleasant yard: bath, sleds and camomiles. There's a piano in the house, candlesticks, a round table. In front of the beautiful wooden building, which turned out to be a scientific center for research and promotion of Pavlovsk legacy! The museum is closed on Mondays.

Рязанский государственный областной художественный музей им. И. П. Пожалостина

Art Museums

Opposite the Philharmonic is practically the Tretyakov Gallery, only in Ryazan scale. Spacious halls and they are all the same: Aivazovsky, Repin, Serov, Shishkin. You can also meet the European art of the XV-XX centuries.


Event Spaces, Movie Theaters, Indie Movie Theaters

It's always a pleasure to see the experience of capitals adopted by small cities. Cinema in the city center in the open air. On the territory are held sports activities, yoga, workshops, bicycle rental, there is even a climbing wall. You can just work at a laptop, lying in a hammock. Alcohol-free zone. The space is open from early May to the end of summer inclusive.

Рязанский кремль

Historic Sites

Evening walk in the historic city center. Street musicians blend in well with the cathedrals built in the XV century. Interesting geometry of the Spassky Monastery and a great view of the tiny pier on the Trubezh River.


Vietnamese Restaurants

Vietnamese cuisine. Pancakes with seafood and mushrooms, and small tidy houses and leisurely life outside. Mango cocktails and time to go to the hotel.