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Sport and SPA: From Lisbon to Sagres

Any journey involving sporting adventures and relaxation in spas and massage centres means you'll have an unforgettable vacation. Add to this the fact that you will travel from Lisbon to Sagres in a rented car and you will always have the opportunity to calculate your own time, and you will have a real vacation where you will not only relax and enjoy the service in your posters. Here you will spend time as you always dreamed of, only with pre-calculated tips.

Sport and SPA: From Lisbon to Sagres

7 days itinerary by Alex Korneev - Beach and Relax, Active Leisure - Car, 4 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Beach and Relax, Active Leisure

Day 1: Lisbon, hi!

Depending on what time you stay in Lisbon, you may be able to walk around the city or just get a car at the airport and check in at the first hotel. The adventure begins!
Visiting: Lisbon, Faro

Day 2: We're studying the city.

The first day of the trip will be dedicated to the study of the capital of Portugal. Museums, characteristic streets, delicious food, beautiful views... Ah! We'll go south tonight.
Visiting: Lisbon, Alcacer do Sal, Faro

Day 3: Coast

On the third day we'll break out of town and go to the countryside, as well as stay at the new hotel. The coast, the national park, surfing, seafood - isn't it happiness!
Visiting: Alcacer do Sal, Azenha do Mar, Sines, Odemira, Beja, Faro

Day 4

Visiting: Beja, Sagres, Faro

Day 5

Visiting: Sagres, Lagos, Faro

Day 6

Visiting: Sagres, Vila do Bispo, Faro

Day 7

Visiting: Sagres, Faro