Spa Komarovo and Finnish architecture Priozerska – Day 1: Spa Komarovo and Priozersk architecture.

Today our day will start with Anna Akhmatova's summer cottage in Komarovo resort settlement. We will go deep into the pine forest, away from the noise of freight trains, walk along the Gulf of Finland. In the afternoon we'll see several Lutheran churches, the walls of which are collected from the boulders of Ladoga Lake. In the evening we'll have a rest in the pleasant park of Korela fortress.
Spa Komarovo and Finnish architecture Priozerska

Trip duration: 2 days

Ksenia Beskova

Hyundai Creta

Дача Ахматовой


There's a pine forest around. The cottages here are at an honorable distance from each other, but on the same plot. They surrendered to the writers without any furniture and invented their own everyday needs. At different times Prokofiev lived here, Ranevskaya's hotel, young Brodsky was hiding. Lake Shchuchie and the Gulf of Finland were close enough. Now Akhmatova's cottage is remembered only by local people, their hands made a memorial plaque on the facade, literary readings are held.

Берег Финского Залива


Those who want to enjoy the desolate landscape better come here on weekdays and in the morning. Swings, benches, volleyball nets. Fat seagulls. Rosehips, pines, boulders in the sand. Gaining strength and moving on.

Храм Святых Благоверных Князей Бориса и Глеба


The military town of Agalatovo is big enough, there is even an airfield. The wooden church was built in 2001, there is an active life inside the parish. A military helicopter mounted on a wasteland next to the church leaves an ambiguous impression.

Белое Солнце

Eastern European Restaurants, Indian Restaurants

The institution is declared as a restaurant of Indian and oriental cuisine, but it looks like a roadside cafe. However, we only need to have lunch and continue our journey. The menu turned out to be more diverse than it was declared.


History Museums

North Art Nouveau Lutheran Church or Finnish National Romanticism. Unfortunately, the organ inside the temple has not been preserved. It would be interesting to hear this music among the nature of the Lozer region: lakes, rocks, dense coniferous forest. But the reality opens up for us quite a different side. Now there is a warehouse, a House of Culture and a shop in the church.

Korela Fortress (Крепость Корела)

History Museums

Take a walk in the humble, well-groomed park. There's practically no movement on the Vuoksa River. On the territory of the fortress there is a museum of local lore, standard for provincial cities. Medieval walls, well-groomed green lawn. Elegant minimalism. In the 19th century it was a prison for political prisoners, now folk festivals are held on the territory.

Лютеранская кирха Кякисалми (Käkisalmi)


Since we're in Priozersk, let's see another Finnish Art Nouveau church. There was an organ here too, and it hasn't survived either. During the Karelian-Finnish SSR the building made of Ladoga boulders was used as a theatre. Now, unfortunately, it's abandoned.

Gazpromneft filling station #45

Relax Cafe


One of the few places in Sartavala where you can have dinner in the evening. The menu is full of dish names, with the addition of "Karelian". There are no complaints about the local cuisine. The café is open until 9:00 on weekdays.