Walk the streets of Marrakesh. Visit the real oasis and the city made of sand. Enjoy the shores of the Atlantic ocean.

South Morocco Road Trip

The Kingdom of Morocco attracts with its Arab exotic, magnificent beaches of the Atlantic, colourful fairs and delicious cuisine. It’s one of the few countries where you can experience traditional Arab exotics without sacrificing comfort and risking health at the same time. Besides, the locals care for tourists so much while being friendly. This tour begins and finishes at the airport of Marrakech, so you only need to add convenient flights from your city. The trip involves going by car the most period of time. You’ll have an opportunity to walk around the "Red City" Marrakesh, see the ancient ksar – a city-fortress that looks like a fairytale mirage in the desert, relax at the real oasis and enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Atlantic coast. And if you are fond of surfing, then you should get here for sure.

South Morocco Road Trip

11 days itinerary by Inga Isupova - Beach and Relax, Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture - Car, 5 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Beach and Relax, Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture

Day 1: Dreams come true! Beginning to get to know the East

Today we get acquainted with the surroundings, settle down and smoothly plunge into such a mysterious world of Marrakech.
Visiting: Marrakesh

Day 2: Extraordinary journeys begin

Today we will visit Ben Yusef Madrassah, the spice market, a wonderful oasis and a museum in the palace.
Visiting: Marrakesh, Marrakech-Medina

Day 3: Diving into the eastern exotics

Today we will visit the beautiful Bahia Palace, the museum, the orange garden and the ruins of the palace castle, and the bustling colourful Jamaa square.
Visiting: Marrakesh

Day 4: Diving back in time

Back to the 10th century: today we will visit an ancient fortress city in the middle of the desert. And let's get out of the present: the world of cinema and the luxury of hospitality combines the hotel Le Temple Des Arts.
Visiting: Marrakesh, Ait Benhaddou, Ouarzazat

Day 5: The freshness of the oasis after a hot trip

Today is a day of contrasts: after visiting a sand castle in the middle of the desert, let's go to Fin oasis. Feel the difference!
Visiting: Marrakesh, Ait Benhaddou, Ouarzazat

Day 6: Enjoying views of the Atlas Mountains and the lake

Let's go on an excursion to the beautiful lake!
Visiting: Marrakesh, Lalla Takerkoust

Day 7: Paradise places in the middle of the desert.

A walk through Paradise Valley, enjoying a luxury hotel, shopping is what awaits us today. And, of course, the Eastern bazaars... Where are you going without them?
Visiting: Marrakesh, Agadir, Tarhat Ou Annkerim, Sidi Youssef

Day 8: Extraordinary beaches of Agadir and Legzira

Today we study Agadir, walk, travel further, swim in the ocean on the beach of Legzira. And for dinner - back to Agadir, the fresh gifts of the sea are beautiful!
Visiting: Agadir, Legzazma, Agadir-Ida-ou-Tnan

Day 9: A city loved by pirates

Today we are looking forward to exploring the fortress port of Essaouira, visiting the market, the beach, riding on the waves and relaxing at the hotel.
Visiting: Agadir, Essaouira, Mesdi

Day 10: Let's touch the mysteries of the East.

Today we will visit the Museum of the History of Essaouira, look at the shop of handmade lamps (who knows, if a genie lurks inside one of them, and now all the rest of your life is left to make wishes), as well as a jewelry shop. At the end of the day - dinner in a chic sea restaurant and a walk along the night coast.
Visiting: Essaouira, Mesdi

Day 11: Time to go home!

Rent the car and fly out.
Visiting: Marrakesh, Mesdi