South Morocco Road Trip – Day 8: Extraordinary beaches of Agadir and Legzira

Today we study Agadir, walk, travel further, swim in the ocean on the beach of Legzira. And for dinner - back to Agadir, the fresh gifts of the sea are beautiful!
South Morocco Road Trip

Trip duration: 11 days

Inga Isupova

Plage d'Agadir Beach


You can spend the first half of the day on the beach or walk around Agadir. It all depends on what you prefer. After lunch, there will be a new road.

Cafe' del mar

Tapas Restaurants

This place unlikely needs any presentations. You’ll get both delicious food listening to excellent ambient and chill-out music.

Legzira Beach

The alien landscape of this place is worth getting here. In addition, it’s a beach, so you can enjoy the beauty of this place as well as swim in the ocean.

Pure Passion

Now you have dinner in Agadir, in the restaurant near the port. The most fresh seafood is offered here.