Snowdonia National Park – Day 1: From Oxford to Birmingham

The first stop is Oxford. We will stay here for a while, but we will have time to see the significant and interesting historical buildings and monuments of architecture, and then go to Birmingham to walk through its interesting places.
Snowdonia National Park

Trip duration: 4 days

Alexandr Kosar

Audi A4 Estate

The Headington Shark

Sculpture Gardens

One of the most interesting sights of Hedington is the Hedington shark, a bizarre sculpture located on the roof of a small apartment building. Many tourists wonder: "What did the author of this monument want to say? The original owner of the house claimed that the sculpture expresses the feelings of those who felt completely powerless in the face of nuclear disasters, because it is not by chance that it was installed on the 41st anniversary of the fall of the atomic bomb on Nagasaki.

Radcliffe Square


The heart of the beautiful city of Oxford is Radcliffe Square. Its territory is paved with masonry. The square has become a cultural centre of the city, with its unique and characteristic English buildings, built in the traditional Gothic style.


Italian Restaurants

Branca is a rather large and lively Italian restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere and beautiful interior. Restaurant's menu is very extensive, you can order as well the traditional cuisine of the Apennine peninsula, more familiar to the average person, among which there are fried salmon with stewed vegetables and a fairly large number of steaks of different roasts.

Edgbaston Park Hotel Birmingham

Coughton Court

Historic Sites

A characteristic feature of English architecture is its diversity. Thus, the well-known Gothic style is divided into several directions, one of which is the Tudor style, a great example of which is the Coughton Court building. It harmoniously combines elements of Renaissance and medieval Gothic architecture.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens & Glasshouses

Botanical Gardens

Birmingham is an incredibly versatile and interesting city, one of its important features is a significant number of different kinds of green areas, one of which is Birmingham Botanical Gardens & Glasshouses. In addition to being home to nearly 7000 different plants, the garden is also home to many exotic birds from around the world.

Asha's Contemporary Indian Cuisine

Indian Restaurants

Enjoy your evening at Asha's Contemporary Indian Cuisine. Venue's interior is made beautifully and comfortably, tables are separated from each other, so that a truly homely atmosphere is created. The menu offers a wide range of dishes and snacks, including a wide selection of kebabs, salads and desserts.