Sea, Sun, Olbia – Day 2: Insights into the culture and history of magnificent Olbia

Today you’re going to have a fascinating walk through the most significant historical sites of the city, visit the cathedrals built almost a thousand years ago and absorbed the spirit and atmosphere of several eras. Explore the fascinating history and life of people who inhabited these places many centuries ago. And, of course, have a little walk along the embankments of the city, visit the picturesque and peaceful park, and keep enjoying the local culinary diversity.
Sea, Sun, Olbia

Trip duration: 5 days

Elizaveta Smirnova

Café Matteotti


Cafè Matteotti is a great place for an early breakfast. The cosy interior of the restaurant and wonderful view of the fountain and neat streets from the terrace will create a great mood for the rest of the day, and the menu of the restaurant will impress you with the well-known Mediterranean and Italian dishes, highlights include the salads and fish dishes.

Museo Archeologico

History Museums

The desire to get immersed in the history of the authentic town on the coast of Sardinia is easy to meet in the Archaeological Museum. It contains finds, the most valuable of which date back to 10-12 centuries BC. Museum expositions are divided into blocks: ceramics; the remains of the Phoenician (not only) ships; fragments of residential buildings; houseware. In addition, tourists are shown films with shots of the excavations and other interesting moments concerning Olbia and Sardinia as a whole. And the most important thing is that the admission is free.

Parco Urbano Fausto Noce


The city centre is decorated with a green oasis covering 18 hectares of territory, and is called Parco Fausto Noce. It appeared in the city quite recently, in 2004, but managed to catch the fancy of both guests and locals. The so-called "lungs" of Olbia are equipped with glades for picnics, tennis courts, sports fields, jogging tracks. The central alley of Fausto Noce is decorated with four fountains. A small amphitheater is among the branchy trees, there are concerts and performances in the summer.

Basilica di San Simplicio


The Basilica of San Simplicio was built around the 11th century, but earlier this place housed a temple dated the 7th century. It was laid out of large granite boulders. Basilica architects decided to use them for the construction of a new church to ensure its strength and safety for ages to come. For nearly 800 years this massive stone building served as the main cathedral of the city. It would be good for a visitor to know that the temple has no days off, and the admission is free.

Officina del Gusto Olbia


In Officina del Gusto, you can have a lunch in a pleasant atmosphere and literally improve your health, it’s not by chance that the national dishes of Sardinia are considered to have great medicinal properties. The fact is that they are prepared only from fresh, natural and organic products. The restaurant menu pasta is worth noting. It is prepared in a range of different variations, the most popular of which is pasta with sheep cheese or tomato sauce. There is also a wide selection of the best Italian wines. A competent staff will do what it takes to create a cosy and pleasant atmosphere just for you.

Chiesa San Paolo


During Roman times, a temple dedicated to Hercules was located on the site of a Christian basilica. Over the centuries, the inhabitants of Sardinia came here with their aspirations and requests. In the XIII century, the ancient temple was destroyed and the Basilica of St. Paul appeared on its ruins. The interior of the church is of close interest to tourists, most of the decoration is made of carved wood. In addition, you should pay attention to the dome, lined with ceramic tiles of bright coloгrs, and frescoes, dating from the XV century.

Piazza San Gallo


Piazza San Gallo is located in the centre of the student quarter. Here you will find interesting shops selling a lot of wonderful souvenirs, small supermarkets, very good restaurants and snack bars. An ideal place for relaxed shopping.

Circolo Nautico Olbia

Harbors / Marinas

An evening walk in the fresh air on an incredibly beautiful pier after a stormy and emotional day will help you to calm down and clear your mind, and the contemplation of the wonderful seascapes combined with the feeling of a light and pleasant sea breeze will offer an authentic experience.

Porto di Olbia

Harbors / Marinas

Continuing your evening walk on the pier, admire the wonderful sunset on the shores of the blue sea, combined with fascinating behavior of the waves. A great place to take some unforgettable photos. In addition, you can buy refreshments on the way, this will complement your walk with wonderful taste sensations.

Ristorante pizzeria terra nostra

Seafood Restaurants

The restaurant is located near the coast, with its open terrace offering a wonderful view of the sea. Enjoy excellent Mediterranean cuisine and extraordinary seascape. The restaurant’s menu features fresh fish and seafood dishes, and some of the best tuna dishes in the region are prepared here. There is also a wide selection of a variety of vegetarian dishes and alcoholic beverages.