Russian North – Day 5: City of Tikhvin

Back to the Leningrad region. The provincial town of Tikhvin, where there are practically no paved roads, but several suspended bridges over the river. Here they make some amazing wooden houses for stray cats. And, of course, we will visit the house-museum of one of the best Russian composers.
Russian North

Trip duration: 6 days

Ksenia Beskova

Храм Евфросина Синозерского


In 2000, the construction of the church began. It was illuminated in 2012. Active life of the parish. Interesting roof, log cabin by the rules, but it is elusively felt that it was built in our time.

Горное Озеро


An old village development. Apparently, the locals are busy with their business. Despite the proximity of the temple, we have not met a single person. Serenity and silence.


Italian Restaurants

Minimalistic interior. Spacious. Comfortable. Hot dishes will have to wait a little while.

Art cottage "Staroladozhskaya Usadba"

Gaining strength before the last day of our journey.

Висячий Мост, Тихвин


It's not the only hanging bridge in town. It's an interesting feeling. The river Tikhvinka has a strong enough current. Meeting the wildlife within the city limits.

Дом-музей Н. А. Римского-Корсакова


The composer's grandfather built the house. A rather large collection of personal belongings of the Rimsky-Korsakov family. Interestingly, the museum was opened during the war years. An authentic musician's grand piano. He's upset. If you ask very politely, the servants allow you to take some chords. The museum is closed on Mondays.

Введенский Женский Монастырь


Restoration work is slow but ongoing. Although there is something special about this neglect. The monastery is operational. In Soviet times, a bathhouse and a gymnasium were built here.

Древняя Ладога

Russian Restaurants, Cafés

And again, the Old Ladoga. We missed you already. Fireplace and warm walls. Affordable prices, simple dishes.