Russian North – Day 3: Kargopol and the White Sea

It's morning in a quiet county town. Wooden houses with carved casings, mountains of wood in the yards. Complicated northern life. The sky is closer here. There's a sea here, we'll visit it in the afternoon.
Russian North

Trip duration: 6 days

Ksenia Beskova



It's morning in Kargopol. The tranquility of Onega and the city itself. Hang your legs to the river, lie down on the wooden bridge of the pier. Breathe.

Соборная Колокольня

Historic Sites

One of those cities that is pleasant to wander the streets without a target and still stumble upon something interesting. Here a complex stone carving adorns the cathedral. There is a bell tower next to which you can climb, to see the city from above. The bells ring over the city every day at 12 o'clock in the afternoon.

Тоболкино (Ухта)


The ruins of the stone church also fit perfectly into the local landscape. The whole surrounding area is reminiscent of shots from Kusturica's films. We leave the Kargopol area behind.

Gostinitsa v gorode Kirillov

владение золотой рыбки


Lovely food market is open from 9am to 6pm. Fresh food without extra charge. We buy what we need for a picnic and drive to the huge lake.

Городской пляж Белозерска


We decided to have a snack outdoors. There are practically no people, though the weather is good and we are on the city beach. You can't see the other side. The waves are noisy. The clay bottom and the long entry into the water. Like in the Baltic Sea, to dive, you have to go three shoals.

Церковь Всемилостливого Спаса

Historic Sites

This church has been to the gym. It's not the most dramatic story. The bell tower offers a wonderful view of Belozersk, its churches and the huge lake.


Diners, Coffee Shops

Evening Kirillov. Cozy, warm, nourishing. Prices are discouragingly low.