Romance from Verona to Naples – Day 5: Stroll through the streets of Rome

Spend relaxing moments walking along the sunny streets of Rome and enjoying the luxurious Italian architecture at its best. Today you will see the spacious city squares, decorated with amazing fountains, right before your eyes, visit the ancient sanctuary, the Pantheon, and explore the last point in the cultural program, the famous Villa Borghese Park.
Romance from Verona to Naples

Trip duration: 8 days

Juan Coustillas

Sali & Tabacchi


Since this scenario assumes a relaxed walk through the most famous cities of Italy, have breakfast in a generous and cheerful Italian cafe with a pleasant atmosphere and a proper breakfast menu. There you won't find a lot of facts about the complex history of the Roman Empire heir, just the beauty of the eternal city and its amazing combinations of tastes, sounds and shades.

Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi)

Fountains, Monuments / Landmarks, Historic Sites

You can take a photo of the largest fountain in Rome without tourists except in the early morning, when the whole city is still peacefully sleeping. However, every visitor of the city, who has come here for the first time, has to see this beauty with his own eyes. It is believed that if you throw a coin into the fountain, you get every chance to return to Rome again. It is said that two coins will lead you to a romantic date, three to the wedding, four to untold riches, and five to the separation. The amount of coins annually pulled out of the fountain demonstrates the strength of travelers' faith in miracles, as well as the number of city guests visited the fountain. In 2017, 1.4 million euros were pulled out of the fountain.


Monuments / Landmarks

The temple of all the gods is the oldest monument of centric and domical architecture. This is a former pagan temple, which became a Christian basilica. Behind the ancient history and simple facade are hidden architectural treasures: one of the largest domes in the world, with a hole in the centre of which lets in the natural light, scattering it in a fanciful way. Raphael and King Victor Emmanuel are buried here. A visit here does not require pre-purchase of tickets, it costs only two euros, and you can learn more about the design from the Pantheon Rome application.

Piazza Navona


Get to the elegant baroque square, which houses several churches and palaces, three magnificent fountains by the greatest Italian masters, an obelisk brought from Egypt. All these sights are concentrated in one place and give it a special charm, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for visitors. Behind one of the fountains (the Fountain of the Four Rivers) is the church of Saint Agnes. According to legend, lonely hearts can ask her for help. Due to its popularity among the Romans and guests of the city, the square abounds in different cafes for every taste. You will definitely find a place to sit and admire all the beauty of this place.

Cantina e Cucina

Italian Restaurants

Near Piazza Navona there is a real treasure, an Italian restaurant happy to welcome you to lunch and dinner. Everything attracts your attention here: an interior with many different details, pleasant service, generous portions and delicious Italian dishes. Indulge in a great homemade wine and seafood prepared here.

Villa Borghese


Walk through the wide and green park, which is name after the villa, around which it is planted. It is here that the famous Borghese Gallery is located, requiring separate and sufficient time allocations for all the masterpieces of Titian, Botticelli, Van Gogh, Modigliani and many others. If you just want to stroll through the Borghese gardens, 70 hectares of spacious glades and neat paths among the cooling greenery on hot days are at your service. A monument to the great Russian writer Alexander Pushkin is also installed here.

Momart Cafè

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It is one of those places where you want to stay for a long time, because here you can not only enjoy large portions of delicious food, but also draw inspiration from attitude towards guests. You will be pleasantly surprised with the bar prices and a relaxed atmosphere that encourages communicating between people regardless of age and in whatever language you happen to speak. Here is a special atmosphere called Rome, where everything is saturated with happiness and love for authentic Italian cuisine.

Piazza Venezia


All roads lead to Rome, and especially to its centre. Having walked around all the main attractions of the city, you will again find yourself close to the Roman Forum on Piazza Venezia. This place is located right at the foot of the Capitol. It offers unforgettable views of the city, and the square itself is adjacent to the many sights of Rome: the ruins of the Basilica Ulpia, the Column of Trajan, the monument to Victor Emmanuel II and others.