Road Trip to Garden Art World Around Bristol – Day 2: The beautiful castles and incredible examples of landscape design

This day will be full of contrasts. It will begins with modern art and ends with the historical heritage of the Middle Ages.
Road Trip to Garden Art World Around Bristol

Trip duration: 8 days

Anastasia Omelchuk

Banksy's 'Mild Mild West'

Street Art Installations

Who is this Banksy that generates ideas at incredible speeds, leaving hundreds of jobs around the world, and even earning hundreds of thousands dollars from this? Mystery for most. Believed that the hometown of the artist Bristol, where Banksy with an enviable regularity brings a new masterpiece. If you like street art & Banksy this is worth a stop. This is the first graffiti that brought Banksy fame. Appeared in 1997 as a response to a police attack by party participants in abandoned warehouses in the vicinity of Bristol.

St. Mary Redcliffe Church


The oldest temple is an architectural gem of the Gothic style not only of Bristol, but also of the whole of Great Britain. St Mary Redcliffe Church is the highest building in the city. It is also worth the occasion to listen to the magical sounds of an organ established in 1726. Entrance to the temple for tourists is free. Opening hours of the church: from 10.00 to 19.00.

Cabot Tower

Scenic Lookouts

The tower was built at the very end of the 19th century. By the way, the tower with a height of 32 meters was built at the expense of local residents. As the tower stands on a hill, it turns out that it rises 102 meters above sea level. Inside you can climb the spiral staircase and admire the beauty from the observation deck.

Tyntesfield House (NT)


Tyntesfield is a example of Victorian neo-Gothic, located on a hill with beautiful views of the river valley. The mansion was ordered by William Gibbs, who bought the house of the end of the 18th century and wished to update it in the Gothic style. At the time, Gibbs was one of the wealthiest people in England. The house has preserved interiors, a beautiful roof with turrets and a magnificent chapel, as well as a large collection of decorative art.

Côte Brasserie

French Restaurants

Visit Cote and try British and French cuisine. Here you can order a good duck breast, sea bass and pork belly. Regular guests note that in this place they cook delicious lemon pie, chocolate fondant and bread pudding. Service is a big plus of this place. Have a good lunch!

The Red Lodge Museum

History Museums

The museum building is located within the territory of the mansion. It is divided into three parts, the first includes the oldest rooms in Bristol. All of these former dwellings belong to the early existence period of a residential complex built on the site of the former Carmelite monastery in 1538. Red Lodge was originally just a big house owned by a rich Bristol merchant named Sir John Young. The museum is located in the city center. By the way, the museum is free. Don't forget to look at the open hours.

Clifton Suspension Bridge


The Clifton Suspension Bridge was built between 1836 and 1864 and is one of the main attractions of Bristol. The need to build a bridge across the gorge of the Avon River arose in the middle of the 18th century, but construction began only after a hundred years. Originally planned to build a stone bridge, then - cast iron. The construction of the bridge according to the Brunel project began in 1831, but was interrupted and postponed several times. From this bridge, for the first time in the world, a bungee jump (a jump from a height on a rubber cable) was made in April 1979

Ashton Court Estate


A large park on the hills with a small manor. There are also two interesting things: a herd of deer - you can see, but not at any time of the year, and a small railway with steam trains. It is small, about 300 meters, but everything is real: the steam locomotives, the rails, and the station. A wonderful place to spend time and enjoy the nature. Here you can make beautiful photos.

Blaise Castle Estate


This castle was built in 1766. A wonderful little addition to your visit to Castle Estate Park, this is a small museum filled with quaint little objects from all over Bristol. It is mainly based on household items, includes doll houses, trains, pets, board games and kitchens. The main part is on top, so be prepared to take the stairs because there is no elevator. If you want to visit museum it opens from 11 am to 4 pm.

Lona Restaurant - Grill House & Juice Bar

Middle Eastern Restaurants

In this place a cozy atmosphere and qualified staff. According to customers, the service is excellent. Also the prices in this restaurant are moderate, and the delightful interior attracts many visitors. In this restaurant you can always taste Lebanese dishes. Here you can order amazing grilled meat, king prawns and naan flatbread.