Rampant Nature and Martian Landscapes of Utah – Day 3: Journey to canyons and mountain peaks

Today, we have a long way to go, first we will visit two viewing platforms with spectacular views of the canyons, and in the evening, after a walk at the foot of the mountain, we will go to Provo.
Rampant Nature and Martian Landscapes of Utah

Trip duration: 4 days

Jonathan May

Melon Vine Food Store

Com to the shop to buy products for the road, there are many interesting places ahead!

Spotted Wolf Canyon

Scenic Lookouts

Spotted Wolf Canyon can be reached by driving along the I-70. To get closer to the coolest spots you need a powerful off-road vehicle, Ford Raptor is a great choice! The views here are amazing, the place is worth the time!

Devil's Canyon View Area

Scenic Lookouts

When you're near Devil's Canyon, you'll notice how the landscape is changing, particularly the color of the rocks is getting brighter and the vegetation is getting thicker. This canyon is a great place for hiking, there are both trampled trails and the opportunity to climb into uncharted places.

Provo Marriott Hotel & Conference Center

Manti-La Sal National Forest

Manti-La Sal National Forest is not only a natural treasure of the state of Utah but also a place where more than five thousand archaeological monuments are located. Some of them date back to antiquity, others to the time of the first settlers. And when you drive through a road that passes through a forest, you can often find mooses – the forest is home to the largest population in the state.

Papa Murphy's Take 'N' Bake Pizza

Before we go to conquer the mountain peaks, we'll stop by for dinner. The place is simple, but it's delicious, or you can take a couple of pizzas with you and have a picnic at the foot of the mountain.

Mount Nebo

The first ascent to Mount Nibo was made at the end of the nineteenth century. Of course, in order to enjoy the diversity of the natural landscape, it is not necessary to climb to the very top but a walk at the foot of the mountain will also bring a lot of impressions. Make sure you get back to your car before it gets dark.