Walk along the paths of the Vepsa Forest. Learn about Veps life and culture. Visit the Church of St. Elisey in Podporozhye.. .

Puzzles of the Veps forest: in the footsteps of the northern people

The Vepsi are a small Finno-Ugric people, relatives of Estonians, Karelians and Finns. In the 11th-12th centuries Vepsa were baptized, but pagan rites are still preserved in their everyday life, traditions and culture. Veps were always surrounded by forests, rivers and swamps. From time immemorial, these people have lived in picturesque places, which you will visit as part of this trip. Tourists rarely visit the Veps forest, and to get here is not easy - most roads in the thick of the forest will be overcome only by off-road vehicles. But still, we will try to drive through the Veps forest in a regular car, try to touch this magical edge. And even in this case - I guarantee you - miracles will not go without.

Puzzles of the Veps forest: in the footsteps of the northern people

3 days itinerary by Marina Voronchikhina - Uninhabited Nature - Car, 2 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Uninhabited Nature

Day 1: The Old Ladoga, the picturesque Swirl, the abandoned Church of St. Elisha.

The way to Veps forest is not very close. We will leave all the interesting things for the second and third day, and today we will enjoy the beauty of the Old Ladoga and the River Svir. In the evening we will visit the pearl of the "Wooden Ring of Podporozhye" - the church of St. Elisey.
Visiting: Podporozh'ye, Staraya Ladoga, Molodtsovo, Sviritsa, Vavshukovskaya, Centralniy, Svir'stroy

Day 2: The Vinnitsa, the stormy river Oyat, the sacred stone in the forest.

In the morning you will visit the village of Vinnitsa, the cultural center of the Oyat Veps. We will move along the river and admire beautiful landscapes, look for signs of life in tiny villages and express respect for ancient shrines. For dinner we will taste Vepsian delicacies: without it our mini-journey would be incomplete.
Visiting: Tikhvin, Podporozh'ye, Vinnitsy, Chermeneyev Dvor, Nizhneye Podbor'ye, Nizhneye Konnoye, Pagolda

Day 3: Shugozero, Luki Trail, Kipuny Falls.

Today you will conquer one of the ecological trails laid out in the Veps forest. On the way you will meet fairytale huts, stormy streams, picturesque glades. After the walk through the forest we'll hurry home, but before we do, we'll have a look at Shugozero.
Visiting: Tikhvin, Centralniy, Kuznetsova Gora, Shlissel'burg, Sugorovo, Pogorelets, Shugozero, Pagolda, Dus'yevo