Puzzles of the Veps forest: in the footsteps of the northern people – Day 3: Shugozero, Luki Trail, Kipuny Falls.

Today you will conquer one of the ecological trails laid out in the Veps forest. On the way you will meet fairytale huts, stormy streams, picturesque glades. After the walk through the forest we'll hurry home, but before we do, we'll have a look at Shugozero.
Puzzles of the Veps forest: in the footsteps of the northern people

Trip duration: 3 days

Marina Voronchikhina

Gaspomneft filling station #59

Озеро Шугозеро


We'll make a stop on the shore of Shugozer. It lies in a deep hollow and is surrounded by hilly shores. Clean air, pine forests, beautiful landscapes - a great start to the day!

Водопад "Кипуны"


There are three environmental trails in Veps Park. The most popular is "Lukinskaya". It starts in the village of Lukino, which is almost completely empty. The main value of the trail is the karst spring "Big Cascade" (or "Kipuns"). The source is powerful: every second about 840 liters flow out from the mountain slope. In the 30's Lukinska hydroelectric power plant appeared here, which provided the surrounding villages with electricity. In 1973, the hydropower plant was closed - only rusty pipes overgrown with moss have survived from it. On the way you will meet a non-residential "gingerbread house", which is just over a hundred years old, and a rocky hill - it overlooks the reserve "Urya-Kanzhaia".


On the way back, we'll stop at a supermarket in the village of Shugozero. I suggest we have a picnic on the lake shore and have a good refreshment - the way home is not so close. Historical reference. Shugozero is a village quite ancient. Earlier there were two pogostas in its place, the temples of which dated back to the 18th century. The name of the village comes from the Vepsian word "suh", which means "fine ice on the water surface in spring". Shugozero is the cultural center of the southern Veps: there is a small museum of local history on this occasion.

Озеро Нудозерец


On the way home, we'll stop to stretch the bones to Nudozerets forest lake. According to fishermen's stories, there is a good crucian carp here (up to 2 kg and more). The place is idyllic: silence, the surface of the lake reflects the sky. We admire and go further.

Монумент «Героям Ладоги»

Historic Sites

Let's stop for a moment near this important monument. It is dedicated to the feat of chauffeurs who transported people and cargo on the ice of Lake Ladoga during the blockade.

Петровская трапеза


You can have dinner in the cafe "Petrovskaya meal". It is famous for its large selection of dishes and excellent interior. You can relax from the road in the backyard with a large fountain.