Puzzles of the Veps forest: in the footsteps of the northern people – Day 1: The Old Ladoga, the picturesque Swirl, the abandoned Church of St. Elisha.

The way to Veps forest is not very close. We will leave all the interesting things for the second and third day, and today we will enjoy the beauty of the Old Ladoga and the River Svir. In the evening we will visit the pearl of the "Wooden Ring of Podporozhye" - the church of St. Elisey.
Puzzles of the Veps forest: in the footsteps of the northern people

Trip duration: 3 days

Marina Voronchikhina

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Синявинские высоты

Monuments / Landmarks

In 1941-1944 at Sinyavinskie heights there were fierce battles for Leningrad. More than 360 thousand people died in the surroundings - only those who could be raised and identified were buried in the mass grave, which is about 1000 people. The rest of the soldiers found peace in the gorges, funnels and dugouts. The memorial, which represents two large alleys with monuments and memorial plaques, reminds us of the heroism of Soviet soldiers.

Курганы Вещего Олега

Historic Sites

Not far from the Old Ladoga, on the bank of the Volkhov River there is a group of barrows. The tallest of them is called the Prophetic Oleg barrow. In the "Novgorod Chronicle" it is indicated that the Grand Duke of Kiev is buried on Ladoga (not on the Dnieper, as at Pushkin). There were no funeral things in the mound, but the mounds are still considered a "place of power". Besides, it is a magnificent observation platform.

Старая ладога

Buffets, Russian Restaurants

We'll have lunch at the Ancient Ladoga Cafe. This is a cozy place with a Russian stove and an adequate price tag. The name of the cafe is not accidental: according to archaeological data, the Old Ladoga is the oldest city in Russia.

У Максимыча

Маяк Александра 2


We're going to take a break on the bank of the Sviritsa River. In ancient times, these parts were called Vodskaya penta. There's plenty of water here, really. Let's remember these beautiful fish places for the future and hurry on.

Вепсская Ярмарка


The Veps Fair introduces Veps crafts to tourists. Right on the bank of the river Sviri stands about 30 wooden log cabins, each of which offers exclusive products - dishes, handicrafts made of birch bark, handkerchiefs, patchwork. Try not to get stuck at the fair for long - there is one more curious sight ahead of you.

Церковь Елисея Пророка в Сидозере


The pearl of the "Wooden Ring of Porozhye" is the Church of St. Elisey on the bank of Sidozero. It is difficult to access: you will have to walk from the nearest dacha settlement about 2 km or ask locals to drop off at the church by boat. The village of Vavshukovskaya, where the temple is located, is uninhabited. On a weedy field you can see only a couple of houses that have sagged from time. The church was built in 1899 on the money of a 30-year-old merchant Andreev, who was selling lace. The temple was notable for its rich finish and elegant exterior: the merchant obviously was not stingy on his creation. In 1930, by decision of the Soviet authorities, the church was closed, and thirty years later the village was deserted. Since then, the church has not known repair, but its beauty is still creepy. It embraces an inexpressible feeling: admiration with great sadness.

Мой ресторан

Pakistani Restaurants

Back to Podporozhye for dinner. Check out "My Restaurant" - the best place in the city. Pleasant atmosphere, friendly waiters, worthy menu with even Ossetian pies.