Picturesque Rest in Alicante – Day 3: Contrasts of Alicante

Today's program is quite rich and diverse: you will have time to visit the gallery of modern art, visit an amazing cave, relax on the beach and climb a rocky ledge to enjoy the sea landscape.
Picturesque Rest in Alicante

Trip duration: 4 days

Elizaveta Smirnova

MADNESS Roasted Coffee

Coffee Shops

Everyone knows that Spain is famous for its unique methods and traditions of growing and making coffee, and it may well be the greatest missed opportunity to travel around this extraordinary country without getting a closer look at them. MADNESS Roasted Coffee is the best place for it, because the menu offers you a wide selection of different coffee drinks according to different recipes. Of course, you cannot savour this fine drink without any pleasant dessert, and this place is just full of different unusual sweet courses.

La Lonja de Pescado

Art Museums

La Lonja de Pescado is another piece of Alicante's cultural life you can't afford to miss. Here you will find pictures of recognized world contemporary artists. This gallery is famous for its incredibly high-tech and original interactive exhibits, it offers the most interesting visualizations of world classics, accompanied by pleasant and unobtrusive music, as well as many comprehensive and detailed descriptions of masterpieces of world culture.

Cueva De Canelobre

Historic Sites

Coves del Canelobre is indeed an incredible and unforgettable place. This cave consists of one huge hall, its vaults, as well as menacingly hanging down stalactites, are originally and fascinatingly highlighted, together with the background music it creates an absolutely magical and unique atmosphere.

Ca Tono

Spanish Restaurants

Spanish cuisine is original and multifaceted, and a month is not enough to fully explore it, but in a short time you can visit the most authentic restaurants of this cuisine. And Ca Tono is definitely one of those places. Its menu is replete with wonderful meat and fish dishes, as well as fresh and hearty seafood, and it is worthwhile paying special attention to calamar, cooked here in the finest traditions of Spanish culinary art. Delight your taste buds with great wines and other high-quality drinks, because they are all here in an affordable price range.

Playa de San Juan


The coastline of Alicante is quite long and is divided into several spacious beaches, one of which is the magnificent Playa de San Juan. Its infrastructure is organised according to the best standards. The shore is kept clean, there is all the necessary equipment for a comfortable stay. Along the entire coastline there are cafes and shops where you can buy soft drinks, picnic food, or funny souvenirs.

Faro Cabo de las Huertas


Faro Cabo de las Huertas lighthouse offers both the building which is worth seeing and an incredible and charming nature around. See the extraordinary and poetic beauty of the landscapes adjacent to the lighthouse territory, feel inspired, contemplating the majestic sea surface, experience a light sea breeze. Don't forget to take along the camera, because the scenery here is so fine and charming that you will like to come back here soon.

Star Of India

Indian Restaurants

It'll be fun to mix up the distinctive and contrasting taste palette of Spanish cuisine with the original and unique flavour of Indian cooking. Star Of India is the place where the culinary traditions and recipes of these beautiful countries have merged. When Indian spices go to a hot frying pan, the wonderful aroma is immediately spread throughout the district. The restaurant's menu includes such extraordinary dishes like Chicken Masala, Shakhi Paneer and Dal. And, of course, pay attention to the wonderful Indian desserts, which impress everyone with their originality and unique taste.