Picturesque Rest in Alicante – Day 1: Evening walk in Alicante

Start your day in Alicante with a leisurely stroll and a tour of the local architecture, while dining on the terrace of the local pizzeria is a pleasant ending to the day.
Picturesque Rest in Alicante

Trip duration: 4 days

Elizaveta Smirnova

Fiat 500

Suites del Mar by Melia

Plaza Puerta del Mar


Plaza Puerta del Mar is one of the main squares of Alicante and, perhaps, the best site to explore the extraordinary city, it offers a special energy and atmosphere, not for nothing there is a large number of tourists and locals at any time. At its center is a pretty round fountain, and right behind it stands a majestic monument to fallen soldiers. This square, in fact, is the center of the city, you can go for a walk along the port embankment or Esplanade Boulevard from here, in general, all the most interesting and important landmarks are within an easy walk from here.

Town Hall of Alicante

The town hall of Alicante is an exceptionally attractive baroque style building designed by the famous Spanish architect Lorenzo Chápuli on the site of the old city hall in the 18th century. The first thing one notices when looking at this magnificent structure is the amazing elements of the facade, including unusual window arches, ornate columns, and two towers proudly rising from either side. If you are interested in the building and want to have a look not only at the luxurious exterior, but also at the interior, you can visit the town hall on weekdays in the morning.

Sale & Pepe Pizzería

Pizza Places

It cannot be denied that the best end of the day in an authentic Spanish city is a pleasant and tasty dinner. Sale & Pepe Pizzería is the place where you can happily end your day. The restaurant impresses guests with an unexpectedly cozy and soft atmosphere, and the attentive and hospitable personnel of restaurant will help you and serve something interesting. The menu is replete with excellent Italian cuisine mixed with Spanish traditions, you will enjoy the thin crust pizza cooked with the freshest ingredients. Indulge in the local wines that are value-for-money.