What can you see in Venice for one day?. Sightseeing shedule of the most famous attractions.. Venice visit scenario for travelers who have vacation at sea and ski resorts, make a business trip or transit..

One day in Venice

Venice is so unique and interesting that literally anyone who loves to travel, is interested in history, art or just wants to visit an unusual place should try to visit at least once. I offer you a ready-made scenario for a one-day visit to Venice, which you can add to your planned trip to Italy - a vacation on the Adriatic coast in summer, winter holidays at ski resorts in the Dolomites Alps, a tour of historic cities or business trip. One day is certainly not enough to thoroughly explore this amazing city, but with good organization you can have time to get acquainted with the main, most famous sights and feel its atmosphere. You can fall in love with Venice at once or you can't understand and accept it. But it is a fact that few people will remain indifferent after acquaintance with it.

One day in Venice

3 days itinerary by Dmitry Shakhray - Weekend - 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Weekend

Day 1: Mestre - the gate of Venice

As you know, Venice is located on islands. And that's why everyone who comes here by plane or by train, bus, car must first visit her city "satellite", located on the mainland - Mestre. Sometimes it's called Mainland Venice. Also in the vicinity of this city is the main airport "Venezia - Marco Polo". This is why Mestre is the most convenient place to get to know the famous city of bridges and canals. You can come here at the end of your holiday in the sea or ski resort to visit Venice before your flight, or vice versa - you can start your multi-day trip in Italy.
Visiting: Mestre

Day 2: Day in Venice

Bridges, canals, palazzo, gondolas, that's what this was all about. You'll see how and what a famous city lives on the water. There will be everything "as you like" - a lot of walking, a lot of watching and of course taking pictures.
Visiting: Mestre, Venice

Day 3: To be continued!

It ends where it started - at Mestre station. Someone will go from here to the mountains, someone by the sea, someone to get acquainted with other beautiful cities and places in Italy. And for someone it will be the final day of the trip and he will go to the airport.
Visiting: Mestre