On the western coast of Finland – Day 3


Trip duration: 7 days

Ekaterina Shmelkova

Kuiron Leipomo

Bakeries, Coffee Shops

Moominworld (Muumimaailma)

Theme Parks

Naantali is located 14 km west of Turku. An ancient town revives in the summer, when the Finnish president moves to his summer residence of Kultarant. There is Moomin-trolley World park in Naantali, which is extremely interesting for children.

Hotel Vanha Rauma


Cafés, Harbors / Marinas

Further to the north our road leads us to the port city of Uusikaupunki, which was founded in 1617 by King Gustav II Adolf. On August 30, 1721 y. peace between Russia and Sweden was concluded here and ended the Northern War 1700-1721. Nowadays the city supports its own reputation at the expense of the only car factory in Finland. There are windmills that rotate on the Müllümäki hill which will look good in your photos.

Vanha Rauma

Neighborhoods, Historic Sites

The city of Rauma is also located on the coast. In 1991 UNESCO took under protection the wooden Old Town - its main attraction as part of the world cultural heritage. The coloration of houses in the town of Rauma imitates the stone, for example, yellow ocher looks like light sandstone.

Pyhän Ristin Kirkko


It’s worth visiting the monastery church of the Holy Cross of the Order of Franciscans XV century.

Vanhan Rauman Tori


There are exhibits of lace, maritime affairs and shipbuilding in the Old Town Hall (1776) on the Market Square. In the ancient city of Rauma we get acquainted with the age-old tradition of town planning, because the distribution of lands and the laying of streets in the largest preserved wooden Old Town of Northern Europe were carried out in the Middle Ages. Every house is considered to be unique and should look different from others even in color, each has its own name stamped on an oval nameplate attached to the corner of the building.

Kontion kahvila

Cafés, Bakeries

Historically, Kontion kahvila is the first one of the popular cafés in Rauma. It’s a tradition to serve coffee with pastries with pepper in Rauma and add pancakes to soup with plums and raisins.