Old Picturesque Villages Near London – Day 6: Castles and pacifying nature

Today you will have the opportunity to see various castles one of which has been preserved and the second is already in ruins.You will also visit a beautiful beach and a impressive park.
Old Picturesque Villages Near London

Trip duration: 8 days

Anastasia Omelchuk

Norwich Castle


The castle in Norwich was built as a medieval fortress of William the Conqueror. It was his only fortified castle in East Anglia, and the only royal house in that part of the country remained until the construction of the castle at Oxford in the 12th century. Its construction began in 1066 and ended in 1075. A massive castle with a courtyard was built, which sat on top of a hill and was surrounded by a deep moat. According to historical archives, major repairs to the Norwich Castle were carried out in 1156 and in 1205. After 1220, the palace no longer serves as a home for the royal family and is being used for prison. It performs this role until 1887, when the city was acquired and turned into a museum.

Weeting Castle

Historic Sites

Review from visor: "Just a short walk off the beaten track, what is left of Weeting Castle is well worth visiting. It was a fortified manor house, very rare for the 12th century, and has a decent history. Set in a charming little woodland, the moat is now dry but still there, and adds to the beauty of the place".

Layer Marney Tower


The building is mostly a creation of Henry the First Lord Marnie, who died in 1523, and his son John, who continued its construction over the next two years, until his own death. After him, not a single male heir left who could continue construction. The buildings were severely damaged during the Great English Earthquake in 1884. The restoration work began with brother and sister Alfred and Kezia Pesch. They replaced the roof and the floor in the wrong building, smashed a garden on the south side. Voltaire de Zoet, the next owner continued the restoration, expanded the gardens, built artificial ruins, known as the Tea House, turns the stable into the Long Gallery to store his collection of furniture, paintings and other art objects. As a result, the interior reflects more the aesthetic taste of Walter than the Marnie family.

Lucca Enoteca

Italian Restaurants

The restaurant serves Italian dishes. Order the amazing calzone pizza, spaghetti carbonara and calzone. Lucca is worth a visit to try some good bread pudding, Nutella pizza and panna cotta. Be sure to order here a good homemade wine, beer or sherry.

Suffolk Coast & Heaths AONB

The area of outstanding natural beauty of the coast of Suffolk Coast and Wastes (AONB) is a stunning landscape full of wildlife and fascinating places to explore and discover. Here, everyone will find something for themselves, a calm and untouched landscape, including the mouths of rich wildlife, ancient wastelands, pebble beaches strewn with wind, historic cities and villages.

Christchurch Park


Some review from visitor: "Hagley Park is huge, divided into south and north sections. The north section has the Botanic Garden and Canterbury museum with river Avon flowing through it. The south section has Hagley Oval, Christchurch's test cricket venue and other playgrounds. The park was lovely to explore with brilliant autumn colors and should be in every nature lover's list of things to do in Christchurch".


Mexican Restaurants

This restaurant is famous for its Mexican cuisine. In Chiquito - Colchester, be sure to try mouth-watering tapas, salmon and chicken wings. Order a good cheesecake, pudding and brownie here. From the point of view of visitors, in this place serves a good draft beer.