Take the pulse of New York . Visit the top attractions . Explore underground locations . Discover the most appealing part of the city . Feel the contrast of the city and nature.

New York: Concrete Jungle and Pristine Nature

The trip is just for anyone, from children to adults. Explore the bustling New York with its rhythm and atmosphere. Check out all the main places of this city, which mean a lot not only for tourists, but also for Americans. Get ready to live in one of the coolest hotels, visit parks and locations that have been filmed on countless times and enjoy incredible panoramic views from observation decks. Coming here is an essential and unforgettable experience for every refined traveler.

New York: Concrete Jungle and Pristine Nature

7 days itinerary by Anastasia Omelchuk - Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture - Car, 3 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture

Day 1: New York Symbol

The first day of your trip promises to be calm, you go up to the observation deck of the Empire State Building and then have dinner at a good city restaurant.
Visiting: New York City

Day 2: Tall skyscrapers and a natural oasis

Today is going to be a day saturated with the atmosphere of New York. Enjoy a trip to the Statue of Liberty, a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a walk through Central Park.
Visiting: New York City

Day 3: Day in nature

Today you explore the nature of the New York State, walk through the forests, hike up the mountain, which offers incredible views of the open spaces, go down into the ice caves and walk along the railway tracks that have recently become a park.
Visiting: New York City, Cragsmoor, Phoenicia

Day 4: The contrast of city and nature

This day starts with an amazing place, a museum dedicated to art from medieval Europe. Then you visit unusual observation deck, recently inaugurated but already beloved by both tourists and residents.
Visiting: New York City, Brooklyn, The Bronx

Day 5: Nature as Art

Today you enjoy the scenery and beauties of New York State, go for a walk in amazing parks and visit this open-air museum.
Visiting: New York City, New Windsor, Firthcliffe, Palisades, Albany, Amsterdam

Day 6: Explore undeground locations and history

The day promises to be full of beauty and various impressions. Stand under massive stone arches, visit the family house with an unusual style of construction and the lighthouse, where you can now stay overnight, or take a tour of the facility.
Visiting: Amsterdam, High Falls, Howes Cave, Schenectady, Saugerties, Hudson, Catskill, New York City

Day 7: The vibrant heart of the city

Well, it's time to put an end to our journey, you've visited many attractions and got a lot of impressions, and today, before you go home, you have time to visit the most famous and popular New York place everyone wants to go, Times Square.
Visiting: New York City