Nature and castles: from the vicinity of London to Brecon Beacons – Day 4: Roman spirit and unruly seas

The final day promises to be really diverse and totally captivating. Firstly, we will head to an unusual park, where architectural constructions perfectly compliment natural landscape. Later, you will make one more leap to the past, to the times of Roman Empire. Then you will come back but not in our days but in the epoch of wind-driven ships. The highlight of evening will be an unusual supper in the Korean restaurant.
Nature and castles: from the vicinity of London to Brecon Beacons

Trip duration: 4 days

Gvenet Bloom

Kia Stonic

Prior Park Landscape Garden


Let's get back to breathtaking natural views and spend time outdoors. If you are attentive enough during the walk in this park, you will reveal the secrets of Gregorian architecture and will get positive emotions from watching landscapes half touched by human's hand but still keeping their disobedient wildness.

The Roman Baths

Historic Sites

Ancient Rome – what associations come to your mind when you hear this phrase? Luxuriance? Order? Roads? Wine? Caesar? Every person has own answer. Visiting the Roman Baths will help you to understand better what would you feel if you find yourself in Rome. This is one of few active piece of architecture that survived to our days. Don’t forget to take water from curative reservoir or at least to take a few drops of water at the place.

Côte Brasserie

French Restaurants

Getting back to more costumed European food. A cosy restaurant of French cuisine which reveals all the magnificence of national dishes. Ask a waiter for advice when choosing drinks which will perfectly match to the ordered plat. The guest of restaurant say that it was staff’s pointing that appeared to be the best variant which complemented the food.

HMS Victory

Historic Sites

In the oldest dock of Portsmouth there is a saucy ship on the board of which prominent admirals and supreme commanders of Royal Navy served. This ship took part in the Battle of Trafalgar and the admiral Nelson was mortally wounded here. Ordinary sailors lived an uncountable number of stories aboard. Today stepping on the deck of this museum gives you a wonderful opportunity to find out more about lives of people who connected themselves with sea. The doorways of ship are low, so take care of your heads and let Poseidon bring us victory!


Nature Preserves

Experience completely new edges of natural beauty. Take a walk to the Temple of Winds along the path which was beloved by Alfred Tennyson. Get acquainted with the shrub grown waste grounds and fenlands which have their own inimitable charm. One of the most fabulous views and the place for rest carved in stone awaits you at the end of way. If you don’t like the first scenario, you can choose the second one: stroll to the vast-spread meadow along the road under the chestnut and beech tree canopies.


Korean Restaurants

In the last evening of our road trip let’s try something absolutely unordinary. The restaurant of Korean cuisine is named after one of the most best-known dishes in Korea. Another title of this plat is Korean barbeque. The process of Bulgogi preparation happens right in front of your eyes as all the tables are equipped with a special heater with the help of which a thinly sliced meat is fried. You can order another Korean dainty from the long list in the menu but don’t forget that the main appetiser in Korea is Kimchi. You should definitely taste it.